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Onema game is the best at the moment browser space strategy. When you start to play Onema, you will plunge into the wonderful world of Omega, and then the future will depend on your actions. show a detailed description of Onema game is the best at the moment browser space strategy. When you start to play Onema, you will plunge into the wonderful world of Omega, and then the future will depend on your actions. Intergalactic battles of the war between the alliances, travel and expedition to the unexplored planet, battles for supremacy and the dominant place in the statistics, the production of new titles that are given for war to achieve peace and deeds - it's all you'll see in the game Onema. Do you have the patience, time, effort and expertise to build one of the most powerful empires play dumb? Before playing Onema, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Onema registration does not take a lot of time and will not cause problems: On the main page, select the universe; Enter your username; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password; Select "Begin to play." Free game Onema browser space is a strategy that can win the fans of the genre. Award for the winner - this is the power in the world. A large number of players Onema online from different parts of the world have decided that they could become the head of the throne. Tactical moves, the arms race and economic battles alternate with each other. It is unrealistic to invent a technique that is sure to bring a victory in Game speechless. Playing dumb game opens with the emperor. The planet is completely subordinated to your control in Onema online, and it will serve as a springboard for the strongest expansion. Worlds will tremble, rivers will flow in the other direction only if you step over the corpses of your opponents game Onema. It should start as soon as possible to talk to action, because the slowness in the strategy is equivalent to the loss. Browser Game Onema exactly guided by this rule. So, if you have long been ready for a fight, it is likely to proceed with the study of the cosmos Onema online! In the game Onema you'll find a wide variety of opportunities to sit in his place in the universe. You may play the role of peaceful trader, you can buy off rivals and bribe them, if it is needed for protection. Playing dumb will also give you an opportunity to become a researcher of various depths of space and confront the aliens hitherto unexplored. In addition, you can take the role of a pirate in the elusive game Onema, who fleeced all the neighbors, and has no friends. Do not forget about the possibility of creating your own alliance or designation of positions already existing, as well as bring it to a leading position in Onema online. You can stick at the request of the individual to develop their own ways and to play dumb. Browser Game Onema to offer 3 types of resources, a variety of structures, branched technology that can allow the player to choose their own individual way of perfection. Onema online boasts a huge variety of combat, as well as civilian ships available as defense, which is just on the planet on which you created. If you have thought through a set of naval battles in between the galaxies, the success of the game is dumb to you invariably come. The game will also Onema system officers, etc. characters, who are responsible for any activity. Geologist, for example, are responsible for the extraction of resources, and the Admiral - the strengthening of the military power of your fleets. You do not have to hire officers to common resources, but only for loans that can be found in difficult expeditions.
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