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Siege Online - is a free client role-playing game, which was published in 2009, which puts the player in a vague way and at the same time, an amazing medieval show a detailed description of Siege Online - is a free client role-playing game, which was published in 2009, which puts the player in a vague way and at the same time surprising the Middle Ages. Its developer - Russian studio "Quant Games" - even when advertising the product stated that the strategy is quite unusual and is unusual for today's time. It is designed for those who already have experience of games to something like Total War. System requirements for the game: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or Vista; Processor: Intel Pentium II, AMD Athlon or higher; RAM: 512 MB, but better - 1 GB; Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, ATI Radeon 9500, Intel GMA 950 (i945G) or higher (required - with support for DirectX 9. DirectX 9. Sound card - compatible with DirectX; Hard disk space - 300 MB of free space; Direct access to the Internet (must be the lack of a proxy server, a firewall). Due to the large number of settings, the game siege schedule will help you set the way you want. But if you decide to take the most basic default settings, and then they look quite impressive. If you prefer the most complete setup, they will help you relax and enjoy the high-quality graphics. The design is great, because there are no visible problems and flaws. As we said above, the siege of the online game is based on the Middle Ages. There is no such beauty, we're used to because of the Korean and Japanese games, but that was not the goal of the game. As for the plot - it is built on the basis of travel of the protagonist. This is the heir to the once great family castle, which you now have to withdraw from the decline and rebuild. Developing the castle, at the same time you can pump itself. It was the size and beauty of the castle you can book slots for soldiers knights, of which you can then build troops. Do you need siege registration, you will be able to go quickly right on the front page of the website of the game. She will get access not only to the game itself, but also to its store. In the siege of online gameplay is pretty simple. All you need - is the management of his character. It will have to learn to navigate around the map, part of which you need to buy, find or deserve. Chip designers has a unique fighting system, each of which can be called a small achievement. Play a game of siege - is to lead the warriors castles whose purpose is to destroy the enemy outpost. Before each battle in the siege online, it is possible to change the type and number of soldiers. The story of the fight is very simple - on the field a few soldiers, the number of which is limited to the field, depending on the qualities that men possess. In the siege of play will be very interesting for those who already have experience in this kind of game strategies, but it is worth to note that the primary goal - not to present a beautiful product, but to create the illusion of the heroic knight of the past. Remember that in the siege of online play can not only be honest battles, but also visits to the store. It can be bought for real money, all that is required for victory
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