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The game Planetside 2 - Multiplayer first person shooter in which you want quick response and strategic interaction between the players. show a detailed description of The game Planetside 2 - Multiplayer first person shooter in which you want quick response and strategic interaction between the players. This game is in the style of MMOFPS is a welcome continuation of the famous game Planetside by the equally famous designers - of Sony Online Entertament. The second part has a more developed system of fighting and complicated system landscapes. In large-scale battles involving thousands of players. The game can be used as an air and ground vehicles. Huge military units fighting in open areas and in crowded cities. 3D engine gives you the opportunity to feel that all the events taking place in the real world, day and night gives a unique view of the gameplay. Plus, the outcome of the battle can affect the weather. So, you know how to use the circumstances in their favor, and not to get angry in vain, for example, that a thick fog prevents the enemy to consider. Having started playing the game Planetside 2, you will be an endless number of items that will make your adventure unforgettable and exciting! Join in the game Planetside 2 implies a form filling, where you will need to specify: - The country; - Date of birth; - The name of the station; - E-mail; - A password and then confirm it in the next line. In addition, Planetside 2 will require registration of your agreement with the privacy policy and the rules of the game. Newsletter subscription is included automatically. To play Planetside 2 Your computer must meet the following system criteria: - 15 GB of free hard disk space; - 256 MB of free space on the graphics card; - The operating system Windows XP; - 4 GB of RAM; - Direct X compatible sound card; - AMD graphics card or ATI 4850 series or higher; - Processor AMD Phenom II X2 or higher / Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 or higher. Becoming a user Planetside 2 online game you will have to choose which of the three factions you want to join. New Conglomerate - organized dissident groups - confident in their actions, willing to do anything to achieve their goals. In the Terran Republic rulers fanatically comply with the law and universal order. Military power is used to control the colonies of the population. Proponents of Sovereignty Wan wants to uncover the secrets hidden in ancient artifacts. They are alien technology and firmly believe that the future of humanity depends on the technology. Who is in charge of all these obedieny? Every nation has its own leader. In the Terran Republic is TotalBiscui, a leader of the Sovereignty Wan is Tobuscus. A new player can join any faction you like and begin to make their glorious deeds. It is said that the game has a class system, so you can choose for your role. It's really intense adventures vast world. To play gamers are given vast territories. Events that occur on the continent such as Amerish, Indar and Esamir zapomnyatsya you for a long time! In Planetside 2 play nice also because it simply stunning selection of weapons and equipment. You will be able to use armored vehicles, heavy and light tanks, air machines and other vehicles. Selection of available weapons will please even the most demanding of warriors. Suck your character to be confident in their abilities, and not hide behind allies during battle. The game also has a unique skill tree that helps to gain new abilities that were not available to you at the beginning of the game, and develop old skills, improving them. From the professional qualities of the player too much depends. For example, if you can kill other players. And it plays an important role, especially when it comes to such a grand battle, which converge at the same time thousands of soldiers. Do you have a good chance to increase by 15 - 20%of the skills that will give you an advantage over other players and cause other people to treat you with reverence. Teamwork, planning, communication, problem solving, personal, strategic action - Your life will be really bright and rich! Do not miss the chance to experience such a series of exciting adventures! Good luck in the upcoming fighting!
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