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Best free online browser game. The principle of the game - strategy. Was created after the Second World War. show a detailed description of Best free online browser game. The principle of the game - strategy. Was created after the Second World War. After entering the game, the player selects an army in which to fight: the Soviet Union or the Wehrmacht. You can make a significant contribution to the development of the story or change it in the bud. With his army, you will be able to take part in various missions and tasks. Best mission in range from the Spanish Civil War and to the capture of Berlin. If your choice was the Soviet Union, then the service will be from your Red Guard to the marshal, but if you prefer German troops, you can, was promoted to Field Marshal. Military operations occur in different areas of cities. The main town, every army has both sides. In Germany - a city of Nuremberg, the Soviet Union - Bitter. Best free to play, the game has more than 150,000 colorfully detailed locations. Best game will give you the opportunity to fight with other online players. After all, this is a war online. For carrying out missions you receive and to develop their skills, as well as grow their careers. Your character will be able to earn money by working in a factory or training a rookie military affairs. Everything in the game is historical: cars, clothes, weapons arsenal. That, and there is a feature advanced play. As well, you must remember that your army is facing every Wednesday with the army for Valdemoro, and every Friday, is brutal battle for the flag of Madrid. The game has a certificate with which you will be able to get acquainted with any object that is in the game. Knowledge of a subject, allow you to find exactly what you closer to your liking. Upgrades game, you will not see here. Here, everything has an analogue of the Second World War. In addition to weapons and clothing, even vehicles, such as the war years. So, the choice of cars behind you. In advanced play online safely does not work, there are constantly conducting battles in which you participate. Participation in them, bring you improve your operations. Here you will meet new kinds of weapons, and get the hang of survival on the battlefield. Your first step on the way to the game, it is a mandatory procedure: Advanced registration. The game gives you a lot of options. You will be fellow combat units, and with them, grab the strategic objects. And if you want something different, then you can join any garrison strategic facility and to protect it from attacks of your enemies. If that is not to your liking, you can become the head of his own group. Well, if your goals and intentions are deeper, then you should join the ranks of the NKVD or RSHA. Good play can not be boring. After all, every week you will get the job of the Supreme Command. If it is successful, then all the command, along with their commanders, their reward. This you increase your position in the game. The game world - live ever-changing life. The considerable and important contribution, you can make any of the players. You can carve ammo machine, use artisan skills and make the necessary items on the go. Become the savior of the civilian population and destroy enemies, you can just. Let luck and luck, accompanied by the implementation of your cherished goal. Stand firm in their decisions. The game will bring you lots of fun. The main thing is not to stray off course, and then you will become those who want to be. And your efforts will not be overlooked. Registration in the advanced online will give you the opportunity to feel the taste of the whole life of the Second World War.
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