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Game PerfectGoal Gerd Muller - a free browser based multiplayer racing simulator, which was named in honor of the legendary athlete. This is a football manager, accessible to everyone. show a detailed description of Game review PerfectGoal. Game PerfectGoal Gerd Muller - a free browser based multiplayer racing simulator, which was named in honor of the legendary athlete. This is a football manager, accessible to everyone. Here you can take part in friendly matches in cup competitions and even in the big leagues battles. You will have your own stadium, will train promising young players, as well as the head of a large sports club, which solves a lot of issues of organizational and financial nature. Your responsibilities - this team training, personal management office, the regulation of prices for tickets, acquiring the right players and the setting of the players on the football field and the choice of tactics that will lead to victory during the next football match. If you are able to choose the right tactics - victory and glory in your hands. The creators of this wonderful project - the company Art-e-Fakten of Hanover. Specialists did a great job, as this product features excellent graphics and detailed, well thought-out plot and the principle of the game, and convenience in respect of periods of time during the matches that gamers choose for yourself, and of course, affordability. Play the game PerfectGoal can anyone provided that the average computer configuration and access to the Internet. Also, the PC must be installed FlashPlayer 10. Rightful owner of the virtual club you will PerfectGoal registration. Create a user account: enter the desired name of the manager fits password (twice), double-fits an email address to verify the safety rewritten into the desired line characters from the image, select recommendation (banner, partner, search engine, etc.) confirms compliance with the rules, goes link to activate your account. PerfectGoal at the start of the game is to choose a suitable offer you the time zone of the matches to make it as convenient as possible to participate in football battles. All matches take place in real time with a 15-minute break. At the start, you get an inexperienced team, the stadium and the coach. Your task - to organize everything in such a way as to work with young players was the most successful and the team was moving in the right direction. Advanced training football players, their skills and the quality of the game - this is just one of your many tasks. Give children plenty of time - and they in return will show the class during a match. You will begin to play PerfectGoal with simple games, but over time, gaining experience, you may choose one suitable servers leagues to go. Each new season gives you the opportunity to win the cup, so go ahead and believe in his good fortune, and most importantly - in their own strength! One of your concerns is the construction of the stadium. You will need to provide seats, standing room, arrange the stands, and for VIP customers to build cabins and balconies. You'll have 200 different levels of elements to be everything for the stadium. This scoreboard and floodlights, and benches for substitutes, and much more. In addition, you as the owner of a football club can arrange a hotel or hotel for visitors and fans to build a school for beginners. After all, the better will be the infrastructure - the more income you will have. Game Football Manager appeal not only for football fans, but fans of sporting and economic simulation in principle. Without a doubt, always nice to win, but this game is designed so that the control itself sports club brings great pleasure. PerfectGoal start playing right now, and you will see how transformed your leisure! Good luck in your endeavors!
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