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Game Pirate Story - role-playing game free for many users with elements of anime style, the creators of which is Infiplay company. show a detailed description of Game Pirate Story - role-playing game free for many users with elements of anime style, the creators of which is Infiplay company. Storyline Pirate Story pc is closely intertwined with the plot of the series One Piece. This project will help you to plunge in the time of pirates, where prinete part in various battles, adventures, and independently assess the various effects of the project. Great graphics will make an impression this time. Any player to go all the way under the force of the battles and win the status of the Pirate King. All you have to do - is constantly refine and pump your character to become the winner of any battle, using the weight of their hidden abilities and talents. And of course to reach the goal of your game - to find hidden in the Grand Line pirate Gol D. Roger treasure One Piece. During the gameplay you will need to increase the cost of your head, so you and your status will be determined in the game. In order to succeed and conquer the top of the virtual world, you only need to successfully carry out all tasks. Pirate Story will be able to play any player who has a very ordinary computer. By registering on the official website, you will get the option to download the Pirate Story, or load in the browser. In order to register, you will need to provide an email address, a password. This registration confirms the fact that you have read and accepted the Agreement. You can also buy Pirate Story. Your character will be part of one of the ten classes, and also own one of the four professions. For example, swordsmen, which are the first line of the detachment of fighters, they are characterized by the attack speed, precision and ruthlessness. They hedged a weaker comrades, trying to beat the enemy to death. Snipers - they are characterized by long range. Unable to withstand enemy fire, but the point of attack - that is their strong point, they reveal themselves as flexible and fast fighters. Navigators are designed to attack magic. Slightly weaker physically, so in the forefront never go into battle. They are characterized by wisdom, a massive defeat an opponent, as well as being seriously wounded, they are perfectly cope with their tasks. Job Doctor helps save the life of his peers. In battle it is better not to take part, but they will come to the aid of their comrades and help wounded soldiers, preventing the defeat of his team. This is a lifesaver for any team. Now you need to decide on the choice of character and his profession, choose which side you're playing and boldly with his companions to go on fighting. Play Pirate Story is the first to develop and improve your character. You will fight in the automatic mode, you will only just set up the options for the victory. With the strength of life, impact, intelligence, attack, speed, incline you will be able to increase the combat capability of their team. Every profession has its own advantages, which should be encouraged. Also take care of the uniform of his character, is a very important element of protection. Game Pirate Stories will introduce you with quests - basic, everyday, through the story quests and stuff, you need to perform, while exploring a certain region. Besides all this, you will be in the gameplay to take part in different events. Have fun and good luck!
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