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An exciting, new, dynamic game Full P. This explosive mixture of horror and comic book. show a detailed description of An exciting, new, dynamic game Full P. This explosive mixture of horror and comic book. It contains everything. This legend and the signs of the end of our world. Pass the hard way to pass your character when you start to play the game full of pi. After all, would indicate that it was you were randomly guilty of destruction of the world. But in the end, you could be his savior. You have to battle with the most insidious and terrifying mutants and monsters. Traveling to different regions, cities, and all sorts of the most incredible worlds, to understand the twists of the plot. All that you will do in order to understand that the basic truth of history. The plot of the game is bright and modern. Lyrics - ironically, the players - are extraordinary. It will not give you bored! Well, you ready? Well, then, let's go! It will be a game full of Pi! "The world has learned that the trailer, which was carrying Hadron Collider, had an accident. It ran at full speed machine. The driver fled the scene. Soon to be installed identity of the person who committed the crime. Powerful quarks leak occurred in the accident. This incident was committed near the city Oskolkova. But everything is in control! In order to panic, there is no reason! ' Panic overtook the city streets. "Citizens! Hidden from us the terrible truth. Those who hid it can be understood. After all, their goal is that whatever was causing panic among the population. But as we look at these pictures? Everything in the world was empty and deserted. It's all happening on the streets of our hometown. Censorship, all this was cut from the news. Know what is really going on, should and must know every citizen. " In the full game you have to Pee in peace or war zones of the city. Where a lot of monsters and monsters - is fighting place. Go here, those who dared to rest. They want to destroy the creatures, mostly for the fact that to make money. These places on the map are marked in dark blue. Peaceful places controlling force of the People's Militia - oases of life, road here monsters is not yet known. Live here and go about their daily business guides, master traders. All of them are happy to come to your aid. On the map, these places are marked in green. "Monsters! They are among us, they're here! Wander freely through the streets of the quark monsters, they crammed transport, swarming sanitation. All kinds of monsters you can meet in game four Pi online. Blood on them, hardens in your veins. You have to arm to the teeth themselves. All weapons can be: axes, road signs, utensils, bags and even your pets. Here it is necessary to apply their ingenuity. Just not forget armor! Wear your armor, you need every time you leave your shelter. Verify their integrity must be carefully. Armor has several types: those that protect the head, arms, legs and body. Often, the very armor, can be deadly to your enemy. In order to pass the full Pi online game. You have to choose a companion, who often can protect you in a difficult battle. Fiche - unique abilities of the character. Heal its owner and do damage to your enemy can they. Only two features done, you can, to arm at a time. No material investment on your part is required. The game has full P has one more feature, it is absolutely free. Only you determine if you can, to survive in this world and play online Full Pi. On you and your luck depends on the outcome of the game! For you there is only full of Pi register. And you are in the game.
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