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Postal 2 - a continuation of the legendary game of Postal hero Gordon insane , immoral acts which knows no limits show a detailed description of Postal 2 has left a lot of people are not the best experience , distinguished kind of immorality . However, even such an opinion of some people did not stop Postal 2 game to get its popularity Cerda other gamers. Postal shooter style game in the first person . In Postal 2 walkthrough is available to owners of the computer that corresponds to the following requirements: - 750 GHz Pentium III processor / 1GHz ( if the operating system -, + presence videoadaptora 32 MB ) ; - 128 MB of RAM; - 32 MB video card DirectX8 ; - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating system ; - Compatible sound card DirectX8 / OSS compatible ( if the OS - Linux). Postal game can even go to the Mac OS X platform. To become the owner of the project, you need to download Postal 2 perfectly on any site , it only need to : - To have access to the Internet; - Go to the explorer ; - Enter in the search for " download game Postal 2 " / "Postal 2 download "; - You get the alternative links that will be able to proposed sites to download this game . Postal 2 free download can be even with the help of the program Torenth , if any, you have in stock. There is already a Postal 2 Russian version available for download , which you can get through Thoren . The game Postal 2 will introduce you to the virtual characters , such as : Dude - the main character of which is different in its cynicism and selfishness. For him to commit murder does not cost anything ; Vince Daisy - former director of the Dude , his friend ; Uncle Dave - Uncle Dude , that can always come to the aid of his nephew during a battle with the enemy. For the life of cheerful man ; RWS employees of the company - part are friends of the main character. At their disposal machines, in the case of a shot with this weapon with them almost nothing happens. Dude help in the fight against the enemy ; religious cult - if not strange , too, dude friends are friendly and speak can say all kinds of weapons . Dude in the shots themselves - the reaction is aggressive ; Dogs - become friends Dude , if he would feed them , and if the main character will use violence against an animal - it will cease to be a friend ; blacklist - all enemies of the main character , who may at the time of the battle to enjoy the support of their colleagues ; opponents RWS - can be applied not only melee weapons , but also pistols; enemies of books - laugh defenders ecology; opponents of meat - prefer vegetables go without posters; bushman - often they can be seen , accompanied by dogs , have in their arsenal of firearms and breaking , weapons, unarmed combat ; butchers - stained in blood, are in possession of grenades, rifles and shotguns ; messengers - are equipped with pistols, rifles and pistols . Play Postal 2 you will be using the various items, such as : - Dog bone - which will help you to increase the health of one measure ; - Treatment - increases health; - A slice of pizza - will help you to improve the health of five positions; - Armor - Dude will increase your armor by 100 or 200 units ; - Clothes - the clothes dude in a police uniforms or " BDSM ". You will come across with many more inhabitants in the game Postal 2 , which will not only get you friends, but also rivals. Good luck to you !
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