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From the beginning, the game rules of war - nuclear strategy was for social networking and gaming. In the wake of his fame and popularity, it has become an independent online strategy. show a detailed description of From the beginning, the game rules of war - nuclear strategy was for social networking and gaming. In the wake of his fame and popularity, it has become an independent online strategy. Interest, free project can apocalyptic its history and its military strategy in real time. This game with excellent graphics and the author's voice acting. Short and funny humor game Army dilute the world's problems. After registering in the game rules of war nuclear strategy, you turn into a military base commander. It must be developed. The game has a conductor. Acting for the General Lapidus. Get lost in the game, do not let his commanding voice. What is to be feared and how you develop your base report is it. Rules of war can download to your personal computer, install special client. And then you can immediately start playing nuclear strategy. But do not rush out and before that learn a few rules and recommendations. The law of war - nuclear strategy must play immediately, you first need to consider a number of buildings. Each building fulfills its role. Command Center - this is the main building. The construction of the entire database is there as well. The game also has a resource buildings:, Titanium mine, uranium mine. And for those who choose this framework, there are such buildings as: Residential Complex and Barak. The law of war play very interesting. Here are held all sorts of research. You will have to implement them in the development of its military complex. Using artificial intelligence with high technology will improve your soldiers - these are soldiers of the future. Your army can consist of: aviavoysk and aerospace units, infantry, mechanized infantry, armored corps and special forces. Favorite activity will allow you to do the game rules of war. Here you will be able to start building the base to participate in scientific research and trade, to develop its military capabilities. Explore the world outside of the square you can when the commander will be confident in your alert. At this point, the law of war online game will help you to show all that you are capable of. You will be able to express themselves in the present, to show all his talent as a strategist and leader. As with all other strategies, here there is the same principle of the game. There are attacking and defending units. For those who are interested in the rules of the war game online a few tips! You do not need to waste crystals that are given to you for free, and we should not rush to grow. Wait patiently and raise warehouses and mine, you will have the first four days. Nuclear warfare strategy game in which you should just provide protection. Only when to begin active operations. You should also get allies. Together with you, they will help to attack enemy territory and defend your garrison. Rules of war strategy game is very beautiful and very competent. But, to our great regret, it is limited. All veterans browser battles, all who had been humiliated in the war tribes, who are tired of all the other games here and only here will be able to find peace and find a refuge. The law of war and everyone can play online, it will be able to come here and play for fun. But all those who are used for days on end to kill time and stay in games, jump up at night because of calls and messages are not his allies will enjoy. And even all the most beautiful and incredibly original animated units and buildings, you can not replace this fan. Nuclear strategy game gives you the right to choose. You just have to decide what you want to do and that is closer to you.
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