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Game Primal Carnage - is asymmetric online multiplayer class game in which people are fighting against dinosaurs. show a detailed description of Game Primal Carnage - is asymmetric online multiplayer class game in which people are fighting against dinosaurs. Such a description of the game is given on its official website. So, Primal Carnage online is a shooter, which is made so that the players participated in the battles against the real enemy, be sure to take into account the team strategy and participated in a game by both teams of armed men, and by the cunning of the dinosaurs. For the people you play with views from the 1st person, and for the dinosaurs - with views from the third person (the decision is probably correct, as some dinosaur species are very small, for example, kompsognaty. They run a crowd of up to twenty individuals and top view makes it easier to look around). When you start to play Primal Carnage game turns prehistory. It is this: at a secret island scientists led development to create dinosaurs. But something happened, and dinosaurs are out of control. Now everyone on the island destroyed and abandoned, empty buildings. Prehistoric creatures completely captured the island. The only solution in this situation - the destruction of the dinosaurs team of mercenaries. Play the game Primal Carnage you will use: five different maps, in which you will participate in the battles; five playable classes of people (Commandos, Scientist, Hunter, Ranger and Pyromaniac) each individual has three types of weapons or methods of attack; five playable classes dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Dilofozavr, Pteranodon, and Novaraptor Karnotavr) each with unique abilities and skills. Each class has two types of attacks plus "animal growl", which gives bonuses. Relationships between classes built on a "rock-paper-scissors." This means that it is not a first class stronger than the second, the second stronger third, third stronger 1st. Also playable classes in the game plan to add non-player characters. All of them, and they should be up to eight different classes to be dinosaurs. Any online gamer in Primal Carnage registration is necessary, but due to the fact that in the spring of 2013 the game is in beta testing to enter the game, there are two ways. On the official game forum (http://forum. primalcarnage. com / viewtopic. php? f = 18 & t = 5011), leave your comments and get free from the developers of the keys to the game and then continue to play in Primal Carnage free. But frankly, that at this point it is unlikely to succeed, as was promised to distribute two key manner. And more than half of the game in beta testing, they are likely to have all dealt. Therefore, there is a second way to enter the game - get a pre-order it (http://www. primalcarnage. com / website /), and paying for it to start playing. Developers LukeWarm Media Company considers at this stage, comments and requests users to make adjustments and improve the game Primal Carnage. And they promise to continue this practice and after the official release of the game's release. This approach will give new impetus to the development of the game and will make it more interesting and attractive.
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