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Game Rage of Titans - a fantastic free multiplayer action with the client, where you will battle with the enemies show a detailed description of Game Rage of Titans - a fantastic free multiplayer action with a client that has a rather attractive appearance thanks to 3D graphics. Developer - SG-TY, and publisher of the acts GameNet. The project is designed in a popular style now DotA. Users are invited to take part in exciting battles. There was a battle between the players themselves. You have to constantly pump your character to keep up with competitors and have an equal chance in the field. The combat system includes several modes. And developing event you suffer from one card to another. Variety of locations, constant adventure, all sorts of fun details like the choice of auxiliary items, the promotion of the hero through the levels - all this and much more makes Rage of Titans Online truly interesting and full of game, which is taking up close, you'll never be bored. The mere fact that participated in the development of professional kibersportsmeny speaks for itself. Do not miss such a tempting offer - hurry to join. Rage of Titans registration - elementary processes. Only need to enter your email address and create a password as an account already created. Please note that these actions you are taking user agreement. Now, with your account, you easily download the client and install the game on your PC. Immediately provide a list of the minimum system requirements: Operating system Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7, Pentium 4 2. 4GHz; video GeForce FX6600 256MB; compatible with DirectX 9. 0c sound; 1Gb of free space on the hard drive and RAM at least 1Gb. These parameters will enjoy hassle-free gameplay. In Rage of Titans online, there are 15 levels. And each of them in its own interest. While you will be one after the other to conquer leveled, will experience so much that is difficult to imagine! Gambling battles remain in memory for a long time, and the presence of different modes makes the gameplay is really fun. Choose for yourself vending hero and go! In the fantasy world inhabited by such classes as warriors, mages, tanks and support. Each class of its purpose, respectively, and the characteristics are different. This should be considered when forming teams. Simultaneously available 20 free heroes, plus you can also buy some at the store. But whoever you are playing Rage of Titans, the development of the characters should be given enough attention. In addition, it is necessary to pump settings, you have to take care of decent gear. Arsenal impress even experienced users. Subjects are divided into groups: - Weapon (sharp knife, gloves speed, Battle Sword, Battle blade sharp scythe, Dagger of the Underworld, Stardust, The Scarlet Sword, Blade of emptiness, the Sword of the ancient god, etc); - Auxiliary (Heart of life, the heart of nature, black jasper necklace experience bloody claws, shoes illusions Boots demon Flag inspiration, magic hat, etc); - Armor (Guardian Shield, Silk Cloak, Light chain mail, Scales, Embrace magician Shield cars, frosted armor, Dragon Armour, etc); - Consumables (Elixir of Health, Mana Elixir, Spy eye mask the truth, Drug old captain, etc); - Specifications (Stones of Power, wisdom, dexterity, Nuggets health, mana, power ring, insight, wisdom, etc.). And in the game there are runes. You can get them from the various chests, if you have the key, or the color of the bags. Alternatively, buy runes at auction. It is necessary to mention one more feature. When Rage of Titans begin to play, discover that the characters can explore the divine skills. It is these skills and make your heroes such unsurpassed and ready for any deeds. We list some of the existing skills: Strength thunderstorms, Vampirism, Meditation, Healing, Gun gnomes, Teleport, Aura weakness. But this is not the whole list. If a game similar subjects you prefer, Rage of Titans for a long time to fill your leisure hours. Welcome to the world of fantasy! And let the luck accompanies every step!
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