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Rail Nation online - free browser based multiplayer, which simulates the building of the railway company. The game has a strategic bias, and it allows you to prosper and develop their own company. show a detailed description of RailNationonline - free browser based multiplayer, which simulates the building of the railway company. The game has a strategic bias, and it allows you to prosper and develop their own company. Taking into account and subject to the laws of economics, you will be able to achieve reliable and stable financial position. You will carry a variety of products through its own railway network, and this will ensure yourself a steady income. And learning how to properly prepare routes, making them as efficient as possible, and making transportation schedule, you will easily be able to withstand even the toughest competition. From you, as manager of the railway company, the future depends entirely on this special world of trains. So give competitors a reason for jealousy! In order to be able to play the game RailNation, you need to have is a computer with average parameters and, of course, access to the Internet. Probably many will appreciate the fact that the gameplay does not require any downloads and installations. We only need to register by creating a user account. The process of its creation is very simple. After RailNation registration will be passed, you will be able to access the hobby at any time. Need to fill in two lines in the appropriate form where you will enter an email address and password. Here you acceptance of the Terms and subscribe to the newsletter. Then press the button "Register" - and you are in! The company made its Travian project is extremely interesting, filling it with lots of features. Playing in RailNationonline, you will never feel bored. The creators have come up with for players ages six, passing that, you will receive a guaranteed pleasure. This is not surprising, because the game RailNation has a lot of nice features. This unmatched graphics, which gives you the opportunity to admire the trains in 3D, and unexpected, pleasing elements that appear in the transition from one era to another, and a huge variety of products, suitable for transport (about 40 species). And also - your undoubted right to plan their actions and follow the plan and its intentions, which, as you rightly think, increases the chances of success in dealing with many issues. Yes, everything is exactly as you thought - from playing RailNation, you get the right to prioritize and find the path to prosperity of the company and their own well-being. Era, conceived by the creators of the game, alternate every 14 days, and each era has its degree of development. The first and second period giving you the opportunity to study steam locomotives, the second and the third - the locomotives, the third quarter t - locomotives, and the fifth and sixth give access to electric locomotives. Mastering one by one these times, exploring and studying the history of the railroad, to the end of the game you will feel like an experienced businessman, the owner of the railway company. Try this pleasant, caressing your sense of pride, along with RailNation online. Profit growing by the day, would be to allow you to purchase all the essentials that need to conduct such a complex economy. For example, you'll need to buy electric or other types of wagons, as well as diesel fuel. Also, in addition to the existing trains, each player every era will be given a chance to win premium locomotive. For each epoch such other locomotive (for 1st - Red Milan, for the 2nd Bull to third - Isis, for 4th - Zeus, for the 5th - Sphinx for the 6th - Valkyrie). Do not lose faith in luck, and one day this will be your locomotive, and in fact RailNation play, owning such a trophy, much nicer. To find out what city and what goods you need to bring, you just need to open a window with the right information. Note that in this way you contribute to the recovery of the city. RailNation start playing right now, and you will appreciate all the uniqueness of this extraordinary game!
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