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Game Realm of the Mad God - it is a unique fusion of browser multiplayer online shooter with 8-bit graphics show a detailed description of Game Realm of the Mad God - it is a unique fusion of browser multiplayer online shooter with 8-bit graphics. And if the game does not cause perplexity genre, the graphic design is striking in its "stariznoy", sorry for such a neologism. Yet at the same time the two companies have decided on such an unusual visualization of the game. We are talking about Wild Shadow Studios and Spry Fox, whose offspring we will consider. Apparently deciding that the current online gamers is no surprise, these studios went to the experiment, expressed to create externally graphically primitive game with pixel resolution with almost claw baby, but with all the modern Internet capabilities. And judging by a certain number of gamers playing it, this toy with 2D visual picture of antiquity, someone interested. Main interesting and dynamic gameplay, think developers and built Realm of the Mad God online. Before you start playing the game Realm of the Mad God, briefly outline the plot. You get captured by evil and horrible god oryx. He sends you and your army of monsters that irresistibly rush to you with a simple desire to devour you. God himself is going to destroy the earth. You, therefore, need to firstly - to survive, and secondly - to destroy all this attacking brothers, including himself Oryx. And your death - a sort of catapult, certainly every time you throw out of the game. And then you have to start all over again. However, there is in the game a little bonus, awarded to you after the death of your hero - you will be credited the local currency and rewarded with new classes. You must at least appease. True, these awards mean little and are formal. Realm of the Mad God registration - this is the usual process for online games. Coming in it, and starting in Realm of the Mad God you play, make sure that the constituent parts Realm of the Mad God look pretty well. Slightly pumped their implementation. For example, in the multiplayer mode no protection against signal delay. This leads to the fact that in case of violation of scanty optimal network connection occurs throwing of gamers and monsters. Very bad situation may be surprised when walking through the woods, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a crowd of attacking monsters. And in such a situation inevitable death. And we talked about it a little earlier. In principle, not always bad. Playing in the Realm of the Mad God free you just find yourself very companions. Use mouse to click - and you are not alone. In addition, the game incorporates an algorithm promotion while in the group. In this situation, the whole experience is not divided and duplicated. Consequently, a joint game allows to grow faster in a particular level. This technique, in combination groups, allows you to stay closer to the living end of the game. Is the game is another thing that is hardly positive. This is the only-priedinstvenny track that sounds circle the entire game. Over time, it begins to strain, but the sound in the browser screen can be turned off. And then you can safely play in a fun, free game, which is made in a nostalgic style of the old days.
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