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Game Remnant Knights - game in anime style, in which all events are generated in Skalari dimension. In this dimension of humanity locked up, but probably be possible to open the portal, and people will be able to break free! show a detailed description of Game Remnant Knights - game in anime style that captures. Genre Created: IMO. Remnant Knights to the free game, all the events of the game are formed in Skalari dimension. In this dimension of humanity locked up, but probably be possible to open the portal, and people will be able to break free! Every player who is set to play Remnant Knights Remnant Knights is in need of registration. To do this, there is a certain sequence of actions to create your account: 1) Find the game's official website Remnant Knights online. 2) Click the green magic ball with the inscription «Play». 3) Consecutive three steps need from you: • Download the game client installation file. The file appears immediately after clicking on the button «Play». • The following will need to install the game client. • After all these actions will be available to fill the registration form. Each of the players the last three step process of registering in the game, and whose power PC fits the stated requirements has the ability to play Remnant Knights. • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2. 0 ghz; • RAM 1 gb; • Gefore5600 128Mb \ Radeon9500 128Mb \ Intel GMA 950 - Graphics; • Operating System: Window XP; • Winchester (HDD) is not less than 2 Gb; • Compatible Direct X, DirektX 9. 0c. Classification of classes in which you will be able to play Remnant Knights: Dual Gunner to identify their opponents can make some easy fire attacks. This class is respected by all for their invincible force, which is caused by high levels of speed and availability of critical hits. Elementalists - no matter you play alone or as part of a group. Characterized by a high level of attack various magical elements. With the Magic crowd control and the level of skills in the status effects made up for the fact that there is no power in the defense. Heavy Launchers were organized to destroy. This class predstavvlyaet danger to the enemy, that they can hurt far enough in their massive weaponry. Forwards: their specialty - high attack speed and high-speed impact criticality, which accelerates almost any opponent. However, the defense they have a low level. Uninvited: there are the battlefield and its attack power wreaked havoc. Survival is their goal. They also have a high protection level. The priests - is derived from the Magic Circle class that has healing properties. They help and support like-minded people through the healing or revival of those who died in combat engagements. If you compare HP, then it is up to the priests. However, in the Remnant Knights Online to choose one of these classes appears only to achieve level 10. Originally presented three key class game. Some functions Remnant Knights offers free, but there are some parts that are available at an additional cost. You must certainly smile luck, and you get to pikaigry, finishing with a leadership position
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