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Requiem Online game - it is a free multiplayer MMORPG bloody post-apocalyptic game, which is inhabited by cyborgs and mutants. show a detailed description of Requiem Online game - it is a free multiplayer MMORPG bloody post-apocalyptic game, which is inhabited by cyborgs and mutants. Here you will find new friends and play with deadly enemies, visit the mysterious caves and pouchastvuete in large-scale battles. In Requiem Online play - then taste the unusual adventure in the style of techno-fantasy! Before playing the game Requiem Online, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Requiem Online registration does not take much of your time and easy: 1. On the main page, choose the option "Start playing"; 2. Enter a valid e-mail, to this email address will receive a letter to activate your account; 3. Enter the password and repeat it; 4. download and install the game on your computer. The Universe in Requiem Online is a techno-fantasy post-apocalyptic world that is saturated with blood mutants. Requiem online game will bring you into the atmosphere of bloody massive PvP battles between guilds, and a bloody war with dire cyborgs, which is teeming with Requiem game. Play Requiem Online is recommended for people over 18, because not every mind will withstand so much blood and horror. During the battle, the blood sprayed heavily, dead bodies torn to pieces and the pieces fly in all directions, thanks to the game engine Havok. Monsters are made in the style of horror, so that from the Requiem Online hair stand on end! In addition, the online game Requiem is another interesting feature - Beast Mode. Character becomes a bloodthirsty, as long as you're in the game Requiem Online. That's when you become a beast that has super strength and skill! Each of the races will have their own form of the beast, they are different characteristics and appearance. Increase your level in the Requiem online and you will increase power of the beast! In today's world of MMORPG games - this is a unique ability that is inherent only Requiem game. In Requiem Online game game day change every two hours. From 23:00 to 2:00 the night awake monsters. They have high strength and health over conventional monsters Requiem online and the drop rate of the amount of experience and the necessary items for killing them too much higher. Requiem game will give you a war guild. A guild can declare war on the enemy guild. If it priymet call, the members of the two guilds can fight throughout the world Requiem Online game. Guild-winners receive a "Points of blood", they can get different bonuses for their members, and with their help, the guild is progressing in rank Requiem Online. Online game Requiem will introduce you to genetic engineering. This is the system gain abilities of your character. The activation of any gene will allow you to enhance the various skills of the character in the Requiem game. For example, you can extend the range of skills, or damage to, the ability to reduce the cast and rolled back. In addition, in the Requiem Online game will bring you a dynamic and bloody battles, the system PK (Player Killer), which allows you to eliminate any interfering players, you can create spells at any time! Online game Requiem contains an extensive system of skills and the ability to improve the ability, using genetic engineering, the daily nice gifts, exciting game events, PvP battles between players in the arena and the rating system. Well, finally, Requiem Online has an automatic search unit, a variety of pet-mates and mounts.
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