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Royal Quest online - unusual multiplayer role-playing toy with the client. You move into a huge game universe where the impossible combination intertwined mystic development and alchemy. show a detailed description of Royal Quest online - unusual multiplayer role-playing toy with the client. You move into a huge game universe where the impossible combination intertwined mystic development and alchemy. The unfolding of the world, which is called an aura. Lord of the said Power is looking for volunteers who will contribute repulse the attacks of dark alchemists. These shameless alchemists had their eye on a rare mineral Elenium distinctive value. But who will in fact any mineral with unique properties in the absence of the fight? Inhabitants Aura join efforts in order to give worthy rebuff audacious invaders. And you shall be attached to the brave heroes! Can directly You are destined to be a true hero, who will be able to save the world from the invasion! You can download the client and setting it on a PC to enjoy the excellent events, although this will require you to sign Royal Quest. Filling the appropriate form, you are required to make these these: user name, password, e-mail the address, two code words shown in the illustration. Then be checked, in fact you are ready to get reasonably interesting novelties. A consensus with the rules accepted by default. Pressing the "Register" you complete the authorization process. Do not miss out of his field of vision-alone PC. To play the game Royal Quest, need further system requirements: Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP3; Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 64 3. 0 GHz, 512 MB video card NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT / ATI Radeon HD 3450, RAM 2 GB free hard disk 10GB. And then, as soon as you become a legitimate the user, feel free to enjoy the distinctive features of the plan of the company Katauri Interactive, which are contained in a decent level graphic design, unique artistic thoughts, clearly obmyslennom, juicy diverse components of the gameplay, in volumes and unique game world. Future lords game Royal Quest prepared numerous test repeats the form of fights with monsters. Locations game literally teeming with various vermin. Obstruct your path means and the case will be sea monsters, swamp creatures, residents of black forests and vast deserts, underground inhabitants, geometry, orcs, demons, and even the hordes of undead. While compensation for the destruction of all these frightening characters is worth it. Since the master will present to you in possession of the castle, where you will be able to prevail on the law of causality. Play Royal Quest perhaps someone being an adept of the available classes. For any class included specialty develop in line with which you and shine. Swordsmen have a chance to be the Crusaders or the Knights of Darkness, Archers - hunter or sniper, Wizards - sorcerer or sorcerers, robbers - the robber and assassin. Classes, natural features and allocated probabilities. So skill Metchnikoff - is racing, Spike, iron guard, kick shield, arrows ready to kick butt, tireless, aiming, bandaging wounds, Wizards vary those skills as teleportation, a wall of flame, the madness, the explosion energy, and the card Robber - greed , a hidden lair, sabotage, stealth. Still there is this notion as a gift, they are also for any class of its own extraordinary. Although whoever you are, you have a chance to score rovnenko to triumph! In addition to all the above, it is necessary to play Royal Quest, pumping characteristics of the character, which are common to all the available classes. Power, sharpness, endurance, intelligence, agility, victory - those characteristics, the development of which we are witnessing. Royal Quest game has prepared another pleasant surprise to investors. As soon as you will be confidant of the king, it is beaten in an entertaining places where access is not able to be given to anyone you meet. Hidden in the archives of the Office have documents in which mention of these obscure corners of the kingdom as Woods Helen Manor Bolotstvo Hlyubat, Mysterious Obykan, Krisinye Catacombs. Promises to be an interesting journey! Revered players, although to satisfy their own ambitions, you are in a particular place! Locks, and a variety of property titles repeating the exploits of the awards will be a good catalyst not be dispassionate to your surroundings. Do not think, actually like the king excessively difficult for thrust all likely! Royal Quest start playing closer at the moment and will inevitably be one of the darlings vyshey power. Let all your dreams come true!
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