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The game Molehill Empire - a free online simulation game where events unfold around your garden, you are caring for are planted different crops and then sell the crop. show a detailed description of The game Molehill Empire - a free online simulation game where events unfold around your garden, you are caring for are planted different crops and then sell the crop. Before you play the Garden Empire, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Molehill Empire registration does not take much of your time and easy: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Enter the server and login; Enter a secure password; Think of the name of his garden; Enter a valid e-mail; Select "Register". Like all free games Molehill Empire is unique in that you do not have to download anything on your computer that takes place and time. Garden empire browser game allows you to play online, for which you only need access to the internet. Once you get into the world of Molehill Empire Online, you have the support of an experienced gardener gnome-Wylie Korenisty. Even if you do not have a clue about gardening, gnome-gardener always tell you what to do and how to make your garden a real green garden! Online game Molehill Empire - a way to become a gardener and learn the tactics of the purchase and sale of vegetables and fruits. Sow, water, plant, collect income: you can always opt for fruits or vegetables - onions, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, carrots? Your first task in the Garden Empire Online is growing lettuce and carrots in your area, then watering and harvesting. Visiting the town of Green Valley, you can buy new decorations and plants to trade with growers fulfill the desires of your customers in the Garden game empire. Do not forget to take care of a friendly neighborhood with the rest of the Dwarves, and then one of them on the bed of your help By the mole! The game Molehill Empire has in its arsenal, the same enemies as that of an ordinary farmer - the stones, weeds. Rocks occupy a profitable area for planting, and moles and weeds and slow to destroy the crops. So hurry up and remove them from your garden Garden Empire Online. This service will cost you a certain amount, so it is a crop that grew, direct selling, were driven to the extra money. Their you can spend on something to expand your site and hence increase future profits. Online game Molehill Empire - is not monotonous landing on the cultivation of plants in order to get as much profit. Part of the territory could be taken under the flower garden instead of some fruit or vegetables. The extraordinary beauty of your garden plot Empire Online will attract customers to you who are ready to buy your products for a very decent money. Expand and ennobles his place in the Garden Empire Online, plant new varieties of plants, look for loyal customers, communicate and get acquainted with the different players in the browser game Molehill Empire. In the Garden Empire play can become even more interesting, because you can buy so-called Coins for real money and use them, for example, a premium account, or special items. Coins means an additional currency in online game Molehill Empire, with its help you can get the unique opportunity to buy or extra items. Coins in the Garden Empire Online is possible to change the players who have won their games for advertising. Molehill Empire free browser game - this is your chance to learn the basics of gardening, learn how to purchase and sale transactions, and just fun to spend time!
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