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Shadowland Online - free browser-based social strategy game fiction genre. In the plot of the game is quite original woven moments of this history. So you are in the role of a time traveler will be able to visit different historical moments. show a detailed description of Shadowland Online - free browser-based social strategy game fiction genre. In the plot of the game is quite original woven moments of this history. So you are in the role of a time traveler will be able to visit different historical moments. Moreover, not just to visit and see with your own eyes the feats of famous heroes, but also to attract well-known personalities in their favor. For example, you will find yourself among the Spartans, and you want these brave warriors went after you and have around to help. - Your task is to conquer them for their courage, show themselves so as not to leave them no choice. If you can conquer the historical heroes, they will be on your side, and in the will to obey. Military force you apply to their advantage in the quest to save the world from destruction native. As a player, you'll be performing on the side of good and protect the Continent God of the armies of rabid enemy alien world. The endless struggle between good and evil of all keeps the tension. The inhabitants of the world forever fighting for its life and dream of a brighter future. All sorts of methods have been tried in order to defeat the enemy and the most effective among them was the stone of St. Eloi. Thanks to him, it is possible to lift the temporary gate to get into another dimension, to attract the mighty warriors to save the situation in your own space. All this and more is home to everyone who starts playing Shadowland. Join us and you to forever banish the boredom out of your leisure time! Shadow land online game is different accessibility. Even a computer with average parameters easily pull gameplay. Low system requirements, together with a simple registration and no need to download anything attract many users. Shadowland registration takes only a few minutes. You must enter a user name, create a password (then repeat), enter the email address and submit to the appropriate field code from the image. At the end put a check in support of the adoption of the User Agreement - and here you are already on the verge of a fantastic unreal beautiful world! Shadowland game opens for you a temporary space from ancient Rome to medieval England. Do not miss a chance to witness the most grandiose historical events! Selecting first for the role, to go to a meeting for an adventure! You can become a Nobilis, Tribal or hired party - in any case be rich life. Amidst the chaos. It is currently a post-apocalyptic future. All residents are trying to get twisted reality gem to get through the age gate and find yourself in one scenario stories. When you appear in a temporary space, you will get through this opportunity to conquer the strongest warriors and force them to act according to your interests. And the help you very much needed, because in front of so many bloody battles! Also, the longer you play the Shadowland, the harder it is to win fights. Rivals constantly getting stronger and fiercer. Yes, the system does not allow players to adjust the high levels of attack weaker users, but in fact in the course of gameplay your level increases, and with it increased not only opportunities but also dangers. What else gives confidence in their own abilities, apart from having a strong subordinate characters? The answer is simple - the well-developed private empire. Engage in construction, to create a comfortable and safe area. Erect buildings such as the Town Hall, Barracks, the Treasury, market, granary, etc. All these buildings are not just useful, but literally necessary. In addition to construction and should reflect the accumulation of resources. In Shadowland Online, the following types of resources: gold, food, and troops. And, of course, is to say about the abilities of the main character. Of course the hero should be pumped, otherwise neither sufficient resources nor the buildings on the territory of the empire will not bring the desired effect. There is such a thing as the structure of Fame helps to use one of three professional tree. This is how you expand the circle of opportunity and increase the chances of success in battle. A reasonable solution would be to join the union. By the way, becoming a member of one of the teams, you'll benefit by certain advantages. Learn how to not only be a fearless warrior, but a rational and host - and then success in this extraordinary world guaranteed! We hope you enjoy and unforgettable impressions!
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