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Shot Online - a free multiplayer game client sports subjects . This is a golf simulator with well developed physics. show a detailed description of Shot Online - a free multiplayer game client sports subjects . This is a golf simulator with well developed physics. When on the field you hit the ball on its trajectory is influenced by such factors as, for example , the surface on which it falls or the wind direction . To most accurately strike you should pump the parameters of his character , and for this we need a regular exercise routine . Realistic 3D graphics give the impression that everything happens for real. You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a game and feel like a professional golfer ! The competition among the players spur to action. You will want to be one of the best , so you have to learn to be patient, attentive and purposeful ! But most importantly the belief in yourself! To play Shot Online require certain system requirements . Here is a list of them : the operating system Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 , CPU Celeron 500Mhz; video NVIDIA GeForce 2 Series, ATI Radeon 7500 or Intel i81 0G; compatible with Direct x 9. 0 or higher sound ; 600mb of free hard disk space; RAM 128 mb. If your computer meets these parameters , you install the client without any problems . However, before you download the client will undertake , you need to create an account. Shot Online registration takes very little time. In the appropriate fields , enter the user name , user name , password ( with confirmation in the next line) , e- mail address (twice). Please note that during registration, you agree to the terms of the project and Privacy Policy. These provisions can be found on the official website. Now, following the installation instructions , you can install the file and run the game Shot Online on PC. For the first time being in the game world , you have to figure out what is what . Look forward to an exciting RPG, exciting team competition , a lot of interesting quests , participate in periodic tournaments. In addition, you can keep chatting chat with friends, discuss your concerns moments . During the gameplay to be pumped character . Over time, your chances will increase. Shot of the game allows you to trade with other players, as well as interact with the NPC. In one game may participate by 4 people . If you are lucky enough to win the victory , wait scoring experience and profits in the form of in-game currency . Thanks to accumulate points , and you go from one level to another. And those who will play Shot Online , available to use different useful things. You can buy balls , clothing and even whole clubs . Funds will have to spend on repairs. Starting opportunities depend on what type of character you choose. The game Shot Online offers the following main types of characters as Zygmunt , Shaoring, Erda , Belzebuit and Wotan. They are all different and unique in its own way. You can not say that one is better , and some worse , just that each character has their own special features. And came to the gameplay , you will gradually pass the entire chain of titles to the very top . We present a classification of players : novice , Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro- Tour , Senior Pro, Master -Pro, Royal-Pro, Pro Grand Royal, Grand Royal Pro II, and the National Pro National Pro II. To go through all this, you need to be trained in special courses . Progress depends on your effort! So do not sit idly by - and succeed! We can only wish you good luck ! Let the experience will be most enjoyable!
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