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The Great Silk Road game - a new product of the historical genre of games. In addition, it should be said that it is still pretty high quality and made show a detailed description of The Great Silk Road game - a new product of the historical genre of games. In addition, it should be said that it is also done quite efficiently, making it the leader in the gaming charts the last six months. Today it has more than half a million fans, and the authors argue that it may be modified in cases where the players will point to the imperfections or express their wishes. Silkroad Online created by Korean company Joymax. The authors have worked very closely over the game, confirming the sustained surroundings and nice design. But with all this online game Silkroad left chamber. System requirements for the game: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or Vista; Processor: Intel Pentium II, AMD Athlon or higher; RAM: 512 MB, but better - 1 GB; Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, ATI Radeon 9500, Intel GMA 950 (i945G) or higher (required - with support for DirectX 9. DirectX 9. Sound card - compatible with DirectX; Hard disk space - 300 MB of free space; Direct access to the Internet at speeds of at least 500 m / s; Minimum playing skills. The game Silkroad - is the subjugation of the legendary Silk Road, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers, from China to Constantinople. The very plot of the game dictates that all of it will occur around the precious cargo. So, will have to be involved in fights, battles and battles. The game has no training and standard history in a form to which we have grown accustomed. Making a Silkroad Online is very beautiful and historical. This is Europe, Asia and the legendary mystical kingdom Oasis. Despite the fact that all three cultures, they are very different from each other. Silkroad Online registration is carried out in just a minute on the title page. You just have to enter your name in the game, the name of the e-mail box and fill in a few standard fields that there is no trouble. After a few uncomplicated steps, you can journey into the fascinating world of Silkroad in the east, and play as much as your heart desires. Between the cities are areas of the track. They are played out and the main events of the game. The most important thing is not just to carry the goods, but also to deliver it in one piece. Silk Road game - it is the opportunity to travel to a world where classic monsters roam. While the game has only two races - the Chinese and Europeans, but soon it may appear and Arabs. Will first have to select the "cause", in which the hero has decided to enter the Silk Road. Then have to decide on the history, appearance and character of the character. You can be who you want to just - warrior, mage, and thief at the same time. In general, you can journey into a world of adventure and battles, to invent the strategy and tactics of warfare, and continuously pumped character. If you're not ready to play on their own and make the tough decisions for a beginner, you can always count on help from more experienced players and fans of the game.
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