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Alternative names: S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2

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Game SKILL - this is an exciting new first-person shooter that will give you a lot of fun. You will encounter unforgettable action game. show a detailed description of Game S. L - is an exciting new first-person shooter that will give you a lot of fun. You will encounter unforgettable action game. The game is S. L online you have to wage war in the Middle East, and the battle is far from easy. L and registration is free. To register you must do the following: Find the official game site S. L, while using any convenient search engine (eg, Google). Click on the button "Login". It is located on the main page. You will get the form to login to your account. At the bottom of the form you'll see a link "Then register for free! You will see a new page with some points. The first point - this authorization. Right here you need to enter your email address. Then enter the password. Using special software, you will be shown the reliability of your password. Read the site's security policy and the basic position of a site. If you agree with them, then tick this box. Then click on the "Create Account". The second stage - is to download a special client. To the right of the game you will see the download button "Download". This file is intended for the Windows operating system and its size is 3.85 GB. Then install the downloaded file. Then read more. It is undoubtedly useful to you. Find out all the information about the community and help, which is granted on the site. Given the opportunity to play in S. L to each registered user. Also, in order to play you have functioned well, the settings of your computer must meet the following requirements: P4 3,0 GHz - Processor. 1 GB - RAM (random access memory). Geforce 6600 - Video card. 4 GB - Winchester (HDD). Windows XP (Vista or 2007) - OS. DirektX 9. 0c - Version DirekttX. L You will play a special unit, which is then at the beginning of the game. These units in the game are called special units - their in-game six: 1) Delta is the first operational airborne unit. This is the U.S. subsidiary, which is struggling with the smugglers. 2) Special Forces - This special unit belongs to Russia. They are fighting against terrorism and is very strong in intelligence. 3) SAS is a special air service. This special unit owned by the armed forces of Britain. They free the prisoners, conduct reconnaissance and arrange a variety of diversions. 4) GIGN - this group is owned by the French gendarmerie. They are involved in the protection, also release the prisoners and take part in the fight against terrorism. 5) GAFE - this is a special purpose airmobile group. This unit belongs to Mexico. The exercise of the unit participate elite structures from around the world. 6) UDT - this is a special marine unit belongs to the Americans. They prepare for the rear landing paratroopers. L online - is a game that will bring pleasure to players who like to hostilities. - Special Force 2 - this game is not for wimps!
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