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Sky Knights Online - free multiplayer arcade game, which gives the opportunity to soar in the sky on the vast variety of aircraft show a detailed description of Sky Knights Online - free multiplayer arcade game, which gives the opportunity to soar in the sky on the vast variety of aircraft. Model aircraft used in the game became popular in the XX century. You will be able to choose the most vending model to deal with its improving and take part in exciting aerial battles. During gameplay you will earn reputation points accumulate, acquire more new modules and increase the number of its features. Dizzying prospects open to anyone who will undertake to Sky Knights play. After all, in the aviation simulation available research new technologies, and with them, and gradually increase the combat effectiveness of the iron birds. Once transported to the tremendous tropical archipelago in front of you will have a specific goal - the conquest of vast territories and combining them under your dominion. Be of good cheer, success is in your hands! To proceed to the gameplay, it is enough to have a computer available with the following options: - The operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/MacOS; - CPU Pentium IV 1,8 GHz (or equivalent from AMD); - Video card with 128 MB; - DirectX 9 device. 0c; - DirectX compatible sound card; - 550 MB free hard disk space; - RAM 512 MB. Start the client and plunge into a whirlwind of exciting adventures you can immediately after you pass the Sky Knights registration. You must fill in the following lines of information: the name of the pilot, email address, password. Before proceeding to download the client, you must accept the user agreement. Once all done this, select vending nation and go to their first fight. At first have to go through a training fight. This way, you will learn how to fight, will be dismantled, so to speak, that's what. After you will not be afraid to join battle with other players. The team you will become a fight for the victory, using all available methods. There is a combat system and is the sort of battle as the fight against bots. They are no less fascinating than the competition with real users. It is these missions make the gameplay intense and unexpected. You never know which side to expect an attack, but at any moment must be prepared to reflect the attack. All the fights in the Sky Knights are dynamic and are the best means to raise the adrenaline in the blood. So if you miss the thrill of the project will be a kind of wand wand in this case. Now you can finally forget about the boring leisure! In between the hot battles you will have the opportunity to take a breath in your own hangar. By the way, your private hangars are designed more for the modifications of the aircraft. This pleasant chores, because each new flight you craps at an advanced aircraft and, therefore, set up to dizzying feats! Use the menu tuning and gradually open up the full potential of his plane. Of course, you can not wait to ask the question, what aircraft can use the game Sky Knights? Satisfy your curiosity and list the available models. This JI Uhu (the first production fighter Norland), and "Mosquito" (the first production aircraft with retractable landing gear of the Empire), and I-5 (the first-born Borean aircraft), and I-5F (one of the most progressive biplanes Empire) and Ta- When (the first plane Sinpanga). Managing such a powerful unit brings a lot of fun! If you do not want to take a word like why not try it? Contributes its own flavor to the gameplay and the system ranks. So you start playing the Sky Knights with the lowest rank, and eventually reach the desired height and proudly acknowledge that you have for that respect. So, let's turn, who gets one or the other pilot. If you belong to Norland, will begin Flieger, and the highest rank, which will be able to get hold of - Field Marshal. Boreas, having started the usual and ordinary, and passed the whole chain of titles, will eventually become air marshals. For Sinpanga, the first of which is the title of Itte hikehey, successful career suggests that, in the end, he can be proud of the title of Taisho. Increases due to the title of downed enemy aircraft. Everything is simple, the more will be able to hit the targets, the closer the get to the coveted title. What kind of a nation choose depends not only ladder ranks, but also appearance. After all, for every nation provides special outfits. Game Ritsari Sky offers its kostyumizatsiey and make your character unique, and most importantly the way nice to see him for you. Wardrobe truly rich, so it is possible and to experiment. Enjoy a unique game, improving your mood every day memorable flight! Let the luck did not leave you for a moment and realized all our plans!
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