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Alternative names: menezhder boxing

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Play Smashdown - Boxing Manager you will be able to show their hidden talents magnificent coach , which by virtue of a very real champions. show a detailed description of Smashdown - Game Boxing Manager, in which the player will be able to plunge into the virtual world of boxing. Play Smashdown - Boxing Manager you will be able to show their hidden talents magnificent coach , which by virtue of a very real champions. Smashdown - Boxing Manager online you will be able to achieve such results, and never dreamed of the most outstanding stars of the sport , and your champions surpass the results of the Michael Tyson. The player will go all the way from beginner to champion wrestler . S the first minute of the game you will need to choose a suitable character to achieve the best training in the coach , organize fights his character , as well as monitor its active life. In Smashdown - Boxing Manager you can play on your computer , which corresponds to those parameters: - Windows 2000, XP OS 0 ; - Intel Pentium, 1 GHz processor ; - Nvidia GeForce FX / Radeon 9500 128 MB video card ; - 256 MB of RAM; - 512 MB ​​of hard disk space; - High-speed Internet access. The next thing you need - is to register Smashdown - Boxing Manager, which you can find on the official website, spending only a minimum of effort and a couple of minutes of your time . Registration on Smashdown - Boxing Manager consists of : - The introduction of his name in Latin letters ; - A password ; - Specify your email address ; - Select your country - Registering a boxer ; - Give the name , title , name and country of his hero ; - Read the rules Smashdown - Boxing Manager and confirm this fact ; - Click on the button «Play for free». It should be noted that Smashdown game in English . Online game menezhdera boxing is not only a constant training of your character , but you still need to advertise a champion to sign all sorts of contracts , including advertising , and this in turn will provide you with cash. The goal - to make a successful career and his champion to conquer the world of sports . In Smashdown - Boxing Manager , you can play not only in character that you offer . But also you will have the opportunity to create your own hero . In Smashdown - Boxing Manager you will be able to navigate these sites : A) Nome - the so -called your home page ; B ) Office - a place where you will be able to change your character to improve it ; In the ) Boxing - training place your champion ; D ) Arena - a place designed for visitors , which is increasing , then you will be able to get the money ; D ) Press Office - Press service that will help you earn money. First you will be given a certain amount that you spend on the unwinding of his character , his improvement. From the first minute of being in the game you have to make a choice - to join or refuse to fight in the event of you go to the gym . We advise you in the initial stages of the gameplay does not compete , and all the power to put into the preparation and training of your character . Smashdown - Boxing Manager gives you the opportunity not only to watch the matches , but also you will be able to take part in the fighting . Smashdown - Boxing Manager online will show you all the pleasures of the sport. Do not be afraid , fight and you are guaranteed success.
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