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In a multiplayer online game SMITE you can take on the role of one of the gods of mythology of Greece, Rome, China, India and Egypt. Feel like a powerful ruler! show a detailed description of The game SMITE - multiplayer online game in the style of MOBA, all the events that are performed on behalf of a third party. The game SMITE Online formed specifically for the operating system Windows. In SMITE registration is aimed at players who have reached the age of 13 as a minimum. Persons younger set limit, access is denied. To SMITE registration was correct, it is necessary to perform the following steps: 1) Find the game's Smythe in a global network, check the that found the official site; 2) view the videos, then idea is to find the green button with the name «Play for free», clicks on it; 3) In the first cell enter a user name (Username), etc. your name number 4) In the second cell makes a unique password (Password); 5) In the third cell re-enter your password (Password Confirm); 6) Of course, you must specify your e-mail (Email); here put a mark on that, would you like to receive news and notes you have reached the age of 13 years or more. 7) Upon completion of all the done manipulations press «Create account». Congratulations on creating your own account! Registration is completed, and now, when you open access to the game, start playing the game SMITE. Additionally download the game client, but here's what is needed: On the main page, click the «Download game» button, which is located behind the button «Play for free». Now there red button, indicating the file size of 2.6 Gigibayt. After clicking on it you will be issued a request for permission to download. If you agree you will find a button "OK" in case of failure - then click "Cancel." Of course, the place at the end of the file downloads. Before playing SMITE, you need to ensure that the machine capacity of your personal computer to the following parameters: • Intel Core 2 Duo 2,2 Ghz; • RAM 2 Gb: • Video: 512 Mb • Hard drive: 6 Gb In SMITE will play the role of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese gods and representatives of other mythologies, thereby replacing the hackneyed role of simple ordinary heroes. To date, the SMITE Online presents a list of thirty-nine of the gods. Initially, you choose from the five, the game will be gradually added new. Smythe game is to gradually improve the subject of one of the three levels. Accordingly, each time the new level of the eyes of the subject is improved. The game SMITE most loyal to newcomers than many other computer games. Special ingenuity is required. Complete the Quick SMITE registration and take plenty of positive emotions. This game is a must way to attract your own world, filled with exciting and spectacular events! Do not move the start of the game for another period or later, and it is better now begin to play it! Wish you successful in achieving the goal!
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