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Alternative names: Stardoll, dress, Star doll, star doll

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Very long period of time, a segment of the gaming market was virtually empty. Multiplayer online games for girls are really rare, and their quality is poor. show a detailed description of Very long period of time, a segment of the gaming market was virtually empty. Multiplayer online games for girls are really rare, and their quality is poor. The thing is that the game developers did not consider the rational creation of serious games, based on specialized software to a specific group of people (either exclusively male or exclusively female. ). That's why every single multiplayer game, leaving the possibility to choose the gender of the character, making the gameplay more versatile. But, despite this, not long ago, several companies have provided the market a number of gaming platforms, which focus exclusively on the female sex. These products can be called unique. and despite the fact that they have no place to males, which in itself reduces the number of visitors and users of the project, some excitement around them, there was still, and does not calm down till now. These games are different entertaining story that will not get bored in this fashionable women, and basically do not leave indifferent not one representative of the fair sex, regardless of age. In general this is the case. when the girl will be really interesting to play Stardoll. In order to play at Stardoll, you should not get the most from the selection below. Stardoll registration is the process of filling the registration window in which to specify the username and password with which you log into the game. as well as your age and e-mail address to receive information about new games. and for providing feedback to the user administration of the project. The only novelty of the registration process of the game is the fact that at the first stage, the player will have to choose the style of your character. After going through all of the above procedures, you can start the game and conquer the vast fashion world, who painstakingly created the game developers. The fact that life in the game world Stardoll is free, that is, to pay for the game, you do not have to. This gives the opportunity to try their hand at this game for gamers of all ages. The gameplay Stardoll, immersing the player in a magical, just fabulous world of fashion and style. The main objectives of the players include goal to become a superstar of the world of this fascinating game. To achieve this, the developers have left a set of various methods. Players are invited to shop at the same time using both the latest trends of the fashion world, and creating a their own, completely unique fashions. Stardoll game allows you to create and then sell their designs, as well as decorate your own home on your own, making it a unique atmosphere of contemporary design. In addition, in Stardoll play for free is also interesting, because each user has a unique opportunity to choose from a huge number of hairstyles, makeup, shocking, shocking and just hitting the gaming world with his imagination, which no one here, and something is not limiting. Your style is truly in your hands. But the most important part of this game is that playing Stardoll free, you get to talk to more than fifty million users - fashionistas from around the world, and this is a very exciting and enjoyable process. And most importantly, you have the opportunity to organize a fashion party of your choice, and then to know the opinion of many people.
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