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Game State of Decay - a free browser-based game that combines typical zombie shooter and unique strategy for survival. show a detailed description of Game State of Decay - a free browser-based game that combines typical zombie shooter and unique strategy for survival. Developer studio Undead Labs (USA) in the face of Jeff Strain, known as the founder of ArenaNet and as a participant in the creation of World of Warcraft, decided to create a game where the gamer would not engaged in one murder and dismemberment of zombies, and could think through and implement their plans for survival infected in the world, populated by crowds of zombies. To help the main character is given a team with which to try to survive. If you want to try their luck in this difficult case, and you are close in spirit to the game in the horror genre, then you should know that the game State of Decay-registration is required. As in many browser games. To register, you must specify the minimum information: 1) Enter the user name (login). 2) Think of and write a strong password to access the site of the game. From this moment you are a registered user and can immediately begin to play the game State of Decay. But be aware that as soon as the game is loaded, as without any respite for you immediately attacked the crowd of walking dead. Events begin to unfold with such amazing rapidity that after a quarter of an hour of live, at best, only you'll be! Everyone who was alive, will be torn roaring herd of zombies. The hope of salvation may leave you at once. And just barely audible voice frightened children will be heard from the radio. Girl will call his dad, whom before your eyes just tore bloodthirsty zombies. And if someone calls for help, then there are surviving. So, we need to go to them and try to survive together. You will soon realize that when an approaching apocalypse and the end of the world, everyone becomes only for himself, other people's problems no one will attend to. And in this State of Decay online very harsh, but honest simulator survival. Now you yourself first, and then, with a few friends in misfortune, have to worry about safe housing, constantly thinking about where you can get hold of provisions, antibiotics, fuel, spare parts search, run the neighborhood in search of building materials. Beginning in State of Decay play in 3D shooter game after such collisions understand that the game actually turns into an economic manager. Instead of constant war with the armies of zombies you need to solve the problems of a different kind: that is currently profitable exchange for cartridges that - on a homemade silencer, whether to keep yourself vintage alarm clock ringing or toy to distract scurrying in different directions of walking corpses. Looting vengeance flourishes here. From players and then required to get anything you need. These may include: drugs from neighboring veterinary clinic, food from the grocery store, petrol filling of situated somewhere near. Without these measures, you and the municipality in which you inhabit come quick end. In the game players will need to build a greenhouse, workshop, look for information on gardening. To implement all this in the State of Decay has a special tab on the menu, responsible for organizing the construction. Developers do offer all users to play State of Decay free, wanting to show the most honest, in their opinion, the end of the world.
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