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Game StreetCrime - gangster absolutely free browser-based multiplayer game in the MMORPG genre show a detailed description of Game StreetCrime - gangster absolutely free browser-based multiplayer game in the genre of MMORPG. Gamers will have to face the cruel world of deceit, corruption and greed. You will struggle for power and dominance in the streets, for respect among criminals. Your goal is to start from the bottom of the underworld, to grow hardened gangsters, dressed gang. StreetCrime online game was first released in late 2007 and since then it has attracted more and more gamers, developing and improving itself year after year. The current release of the game from its developers StreetCrime OOO BYTEWIRE is the third version. In this release, improved graphics (very good-quality picture that successfully emphasizes dark and tense atmosphere of the underworld) is changed, both internal and external interface. Now from the outset StreetCrime play player can customize the appearance of your character to the smallest detail in clothing, including, even, tattoos and much more. If you are already intrigued, then, as with any online game you certainly waiting StreetCrime registration. Registration process itself is very simple: Visit the official game site StreetCrime online http://streetcrime. ru /. Use mouse to click on the red button "PLAY NOW free registration" in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see the registration form, where the top line of "American Gangster (player)" You enter your screen name. Come up with a password and make the second line. Insert your E-mail in the third row. Put the bird in the window next to the text "I accept the Terms of use and I am 18 years old." Press the red button "Register me" - and here you are officially registered user! If you have a registered account in Facebook, you can log into the game using it. The game has 13 levels StreetCrime, including the coolest title Godfather. Only the best of the gang will be godfather! As you progress through levels in the game will unlock new features. In particular, there is an opportunity to form their own band, consisting of five bandits. There are several options for reaching the top of the pyramid in the gangster StreetCrime. Every online gamer must choose how he earn money. One of the best ways is through the drug trade. Must trade all the time and increase sales. This will determine how much money you earn. A gangster with a lot of money very much respect their fellow gangsters. When you start to play the game StreetCrime, you will see that the game has two modes: first is to buy drugs in the same city, and fly to another city to resell them. second way - is the purchase of raw materials directly on drug plantations, giving you the opportunity to grow and sell their own drugs. Great way to cool to get rich as a gangster - arrange lucrative brothel. Rabotenka not easy, and may take some time. But organizing the whole thing completely, you get a kind of a stable source of income. As inexperienced gangster all the time you need to improve your experience of his pimping, because it opens up new places to supply prostitutes. When you first start the game you will get free StreetCrime only possibility Street Corner or Truck Stop. Getting a new experience and moving into pimping - unlock new locations, such as Downtown. New locations let you receive much more income! Means to be a gangster and engage in shady deals competently lead behind the scenes. StreetCrime allows players to gamble at the casino and, subsequently, to own them. In StreetCrime there are 6 types that increasing your wealth can wield. The game StreetCrime, currently, there are 8 different cities around the world, including London, Bogota and Las Vegas. Each of these cities has a casino all 6 types. Casino owner sets the maximum rate for its casinos, and you, as a player can play up to that amount. Think you can bankrupt the owner? Well, it's time to get to work!
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