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Survarium game called MMOFPS game, its events unfold in the distant future. Survarium online tells of widespread environmental disaster on the planet, the reasons for it are not disclosed to anyone show a detailed description of Survarium game called MMOFPS game, its events unfold in the distant future. Survarium online tells of widespread environmental disaster on the planet, the reasons for it are not disclosed to anyone. Dense forests surround you, crazy birds and animals carry the attack to the warehouses, industrial facilities, power plants, military structures. Game Survarium describes how cities are disconnected from each other, disappeared gas, water, electricity, communication is lost. Anarchy rules the world. At the same time, new species of flora and fauna of deliberately killing a human civilization in Survarium online. Hitherto unexplored mushrooms and herbs make their way through the concrete and steel. Scientists from all over the world are trying to cope with the anomaly that has captivated the entire Earth with unreal speed. Before playing Survarium, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Survarium registration does not take a lot of time and will not cause problems: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Give a name to your character, select the sex of the character; Enter a valid e-mail and repeat it; Enter a secure password and confirm it; Select your time zone and enter your date of birth; Select the "Register" button. In Survarium will be fun to play as the game tells the story of the irradiation zone and the exclusion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Horror lurks in the desert, the space is changing shape. Post-apocalyptic game features Survarium changed and expanded: Survarium talks about the global ecological catastrophe, where the flora and fauna of the universe revolted against the human species. Survarium game called MMOFPS. It is understood that it is possible to use several modes of play: Deathmatch, joint journey of different groups of friends, as well as free-play mode. In it players have the opportunity to collaborate as well as to oppose each other, group or individually, giving a chance to create a completely unique game situations. Play free Survarium will be interesting, as the game has the opportunity to participate in a variety of missions: attack and defense is the most important camps and areas, the study of the planet or just a battle for survival. Survarium online players will be required to assist each other in battles with various anomalies. You will have a lot of artifacts and anomalies in PvP encounters in the game and associations during the exploration of the world game Survarium. Survarium game will make it clear that the resources and food, have a certain influence, but playing with will not experience hunger in the game modes. Game Survarium likely resembles the rounds of competitive shooter than with a timeless fantasy, which formed the basis of most MMO games. Each of the 3 modes of game Survarium joined by one the developing world, and which forms the actions of players in it. For example, one piece [playerbase] looking for the problem, based on the history of the defense-related objects in the game Survarium when the rest of the players can be eliminated. In the end, the more will be performed various tasks, the more it will have an impact on the history and determine whether to continue the story of the object in Survarium online or eliminated to the world. Survarium game will give you the opportunity to join clans, factions or guilds in MMO - with their own clothes, signs, alliances and enemies. Survarium game can be called a game of survival, where survival can simply buy to reduce the sense of struggle, which is an integral part of this genre Survarium online.
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