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Game Tales of Solaris - unique browser-based game, embodied in a huge amount of saturated colors of RPG-games. show a detailed description of Game Tales of Solaris - unique browser-based game, embodied in a huge amount of saturated colors of RPG-games. Developers worked hard to create in-game elements colorful anime. Tales of Solaris already collects millions of gamers worldwide. It is very popular and will be able to lure anyone, even the most demanding player. On many pages of forums that are dedicated to this game, and not only to them, users and fans of this great game, describe their experiences and share new additions and updates to the gameplay. Tales of Solaris online will enable the player to master the fabulous continent. On it you will be able to use magic. I must say that on the continent, there are bandits, they will fight with you. They want by any means to make a revolution on the continent and kill you. To protect you become an honorary member of the Order. This Order has always fought and fight for honor and glory, for the restoration of the former empire of these places. It is you and this Order will release this celestial continent from those enemies who want to destroy all life. Later, when you become more experienced player, you will be able to, with their friends on the game, create your Order, which will be under your influence and wise words. That you will rule this Order! You create - a powerful, mighty, powerful Order! Now, at this stage, we will talk about the form of Tales of Solaris registration, it is absolutely necessary for this kind of games. It is not complicated and is a standard registration. Once you register, you will be considered a full participant in the game Tales of Solaris. So: Visit the official site. Follow the link - «GameStart», you may find this button the top of the site. Enter login. Now you need to enter a password. And the last point at the reception will be - entering an email address address. That's it! You are a registered user, and can fully play the game Tales of Solaris! And another thing, it is necessary to say, if you have an account, at least on one of these services - Facebook, Google or Yahoo, you can chat with your account to register. And it will take you less time than check on the official website of the game. The developers of this game, tried to glory and fixed all the bugs that have been previously seen in the game. Now there is a whole new game and not a regular combat system, the interface itself is changed to a more beautiful and comfortable. The game has a set of classes for which you can play. Just you need to choose a server and give your character a name. So, what classes are presented: Mag. Warrior. Sage. Sniper. Fighter. Priest. And just to make things even more fun to play Tales of Solaris developers allowed the user to have a pet. The game has a huge number of different pets, as they are different in appearance and in their characters. Browser Game Tales of Solaris will give you unprecedented adventure! You will not remain indifferent to this game! Sign up and participate in this wonderful game! Good luck!
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