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TauriWorld game - massive multiplayer online customer strategy in the style of Steampunk, in which you have to manage and expand its science fiction possession Empire show a detailed description of TauriWorld game - massive multiplayer online customer strategy in the style of Steampunk, in which you have to manage and expand its science fiction possession of the empire. The developers of this project is a well-known company AeriaGames. Vypopadete the exciting world of sci-fi genre, where you need to be, engaged in construction you will feel yourself vroli architect strategist You will develop and develop some 20 vessels. And as will unite and create groups to attack and different fantastic fights. Properly planned, a plan of action to reach your world will not forget the heights and raise the domestic economy. To start playing you will need TauriWorld minimum system requirements PC. Operating System: Windows7 XP Vista; Processor: IntelPentium 4 2. Memory: 2 Gb or more; Hard Drive: 3 Gb free space; Video Memory: 256 Mb or more; Video Card: nVidiaGeForce 6; Sound card: compatible with the operating system; Keyboard; Mouse; Making sure that the above listed requirements Your PC support, you will not have not any problems. There is only one step, and you will find yourself in an exciting strategy. TauriWorld registration is very quick and easy. You are required to e-mail, after which you will receive an email to activate your account. And once you get naofitsialny site and will always be in the field of news and innovations. Will receive information about this fantastic game. TauriWorldonlineizvestna worldwide in this galactic world of gamers play in different age categories. Your mission will be zaklyuchatsyavsleduyuschim - You start from scratch in the world of fiction you have not a large plot of land and a small number of people. You become a commander in his own world and start to develop and expand this world, organizing colonies and conquering new territory and protecting its citizens from enemy attacks. TAURI game has three components, which will keep you informed of all your successes and failures. They include the construction of various housing construction vehicles and mining resources. TauriWorld online has more than 20 different structures kotoryemogut be built on your land, and as you can design and build a variety of vessels, which will help you to exploration in various battles and espionage. In this addictive multiplayer strategy you will obtain a variety of resources, and exchange them for the right things for your colony. The most important and crucial resources in your world is - wood, crystal and metal. You will conduct various negotiations and enter into alliances with other players to achieve and win more of your enemies. Having formed an alliance, you can share your resources and military equipment to reach the heights. To sum up: TauriWorld play captures and draws deep into the swirling events of this fantastic and free project. You begin to develop a small piece of land, which strengthens and doing it with a weighty piece of their little world. Multiplying and increasing the resources of your fantastic strategy. Developing, you priobretaeteopyt and skills to capture the neighboring lands. This game will captivate you from the first second available online super nice graphics and captivating special effects will not leave you indifferent. Be sure that you defeat their opponents and become the best in this fantastic crowd. See for yourself! Good luck!
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