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TERA online - role-playing game for many users, which is the creator of Bluehole Studio, and her publisher - NHN Corporation. show a detailed description of TERA online - role-playing game for many users, which is the creator of Bluehole Studio, and her publisher - NHN Corporation. In order to take part in the very memorable adventures baths should TERA download . You will plunge into a virtual world built on two titans - Arun , Charest . First of all, you have to learn Abraberiyu , which is surrounded by vast expanses of the vast number of islands and two continents . Every place is beautiful in its own way and at the same time, a rich variety of secret surprises. Examine the location, do not be afraid to stand in your way of horrible monsters , you should kill them. Also, the player will have to do all sorts of jobs . During the game your hero tend to develop, enhance their capabilities , so that will be needed in combat with the enemy. The project boasts a battle system , for example, one character can successfully oppose the huge number of competitors, but it has to have certain abilities : to use a melee attack direction , and a clear sight is typical for long-range combat. Of course, there's more than you can hit play , the main thing to start to play TERA . You need to start to buy this game on your computer then download the game client . Please note , your PC must have the following settings : 2.5 MHz P4 processor ; ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card , with DirectX sovmestimost9 . 0c; free hard disk space - 20 GB RAM - 1 GB. Now you can safely begin to play TERA. From the beginning you will be playing the role of a character in the twentieth level , the so-called prologue , by which you will evaluate the class you have chosen. Then you will begin your path to begin with. By choosing one of the seven classes of his hero , you have to perform tasks and solving quests, which also can be divided : and the main side . Developers using the Unreal Engine 3 managed to graphically display the world of natural and colorful. Despite some different features that are characteristic of each class , they are bound by a single goal - to fight an external enemy - evil. TERA game gives you an opportunity to attack as the other players, but do not get carried away if you do not want to make enemies . You can still become a member of a guild and participate in memorable battles - wall to wall . You are entitled to decide how best to play : alone or together with his colleagues to conquer the virtual world , exploring new places , to fight with the enemies. But remember that to get into the dungeon difficult one , and just sometimes need help from a friend . TERA game will surprise you with extraordinary events that will bring a lot of positive emotions and experiences. On the way to your goal you will come across a huge number of obstacles and accidents, take part in the most powerful battles. The developers of this project have made every effort to make you interesting and fun to spend their leisure time. So do not be afraid , start playing. We wish you the best of luck !
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