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Game The Crew - browser-based multiplayer game that you can play as one by one or in a group with other players. show a detailed description of Game The Crew - browser-based multiplayer game that you can play as one by one or in a group with other players. The Crew online wonderful racing game in which four teams made up of riders. You'll also be able to enter the number, you will go all across the United States, performing challenging tasks! The Crew, the country was divided into five different areas: the famous city of sin - Las Vegas, sunny coast - Miami, City of Angels - Los Angeles, neboskrebny - New York and gangster - Chicago. Game developers have made a huge card on which you will move only one in New York The Crew is all the playing space games GTA 4 - Liberty city. And to get on the map from the west coast to the east in the area will need two hours. To give you an idea about the game, see the main game trailer - http://www. youtube. com / watch? v = Td2fAhQuGTk & feature = player_embedded Play game The Crew incredibly interesting and exciting, in the game you can create your own team, and together, jointly - to perform the mission in the game. Since, The Crew is an online game, it will need to register, The Crew registration is a standard form to be filled. Let's talk about the process a little more detail, analyze all registration sites right now: Whatever you like, search engine, get the game's official website. When you opened the official site, you need to go to the form directly, registration. Now enter a valid email address. And at this point, we just need to come up with a password that you will use to login. By glories CEO Ubisoft Reflection project The Crew should be released in the coming year, the developers planned this date from the consideration that just by the time the game will be fully completed. The company also announced that soon may begin special contest any online player can take part in it. In this contest invited to express themselves in order to properly configure and unique car - Mini Cooper C, not only to produce more cars authorization. All this you can do by participating in this contest from the company - Ubisoft! Once the contest is over, will be awarded the win unique prizes and promised the best developers, rather their names, individual design will be listed on the main page of the game on the Faith. Just put your efforts will be well in the ranking in the game. For various missions and quests in the game you will be presented with 8 different cars of different brands: BMW, Ford, Shelby Mustang, Nissan, Chevrolet, Raf, and this is not a complete list of vehicles submitted. In general, as you start playing, get into brands in the game. Moreover, developers are actively working to expand the fleet and to introduce you to even more vehicles. Starting the game, you can immediately try to behave in such contests: Race through city streets. Racing on specially prepared tracks. Racing absolute road. In The Crew play incredibly nice and interesting! Come in, register and play The Crew free as you want! We are waiting for you! Good luck in the game!
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