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Game The Dead Linger - this is an online game developer and publisher which is a company Sandswept Studio show a detailed description of Game The Dead Linger - this is an online game developer and publisher which is a company Sandswept Studio. We think that to play the game The Dead Linger will all gamers who like horror game genre with sandbox-elements of survival during a zombie apocalypse. The Dead Linger online - it's free huge game world with continuously generated locations in which players together (or alone) can craft items, ride on cars, hiding, fleeing from zombies, meet and make new friends, fight zombies, conduct research build the necessary facilities and so etc. Since in any online game is obligatory registration process, then in The Dead Linger same registration required. However, you should know that before you start to play The Dead Linger need to download the client Steam, then install it on your PC and register there. Having done all this, you get the game and installing it, register your account. If anyone does not know Steam has Russian interface, so get it right is not difficult. In the game The Dead Linger online yet no Russian interface. But it does not hurt at all there is to understand. Logging on to the official website of the game, you will see that now The Dead Linger is in test mode «ALPHA». You can play in this mode and find out for yourself that at this point in the game there. We dwell on the fact that the developers announce on this game. After step «ALPHA» stated two more: Step 2: Beta Everything from Alpha testing, but even better! Vehicles: cars, trucks, boats and aircraft of all shapes and sizes! Significantly improved AI zombies and Pathing Significantly improved crafting system! Significantly improved day and night, and weather systems! Significantly improved character customization, including all clothes, pointing at the player settings (face / hair / body)! This allows a greater variety in the zombies! Even more enemies, and not only surviving NPC! Horror will appear as soon as you start playing! Friendly NPCs As in every stage, lots of new buildings and new areas to explore! Bargain price of $ 24. 99 USD! Step 3: Release Everything from Alpha testing and Beta testing, but even better! DRM-free version will be available for release! Official and operational systems supported Mac and Linux versions of the game! As in every stage, lots of new buildings, regions, and much more! Post-release fortnightly update patches that add new features and new places to explore! Official support modding tools, in order to allow players to engage in changing or converting the game modes! The final release price of $ 29. 99 USD! Update will not break and release bits. Of course, now you will not be able to play The Dead Linger free. But joining a game already in the first stage you will see the development of the game, being a user. And it's very interesting!
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