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Even before its submission game Titanfall could win the favor of many gamers and game critics show a detailed description of Even before its submission game Titanfall could win the favor of many gamers and game critics. For example, resource Game Informer said that this project will certainly be a new page of history, will give the world with new eyes to see the future of the world of massively multiplayer online games. To date, this game is considered one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Yet imagine all that awaits you in the project can only watch the trailer and read all the information available on the Web. For creating Titanfall online undertook one of the developers involved in the project Call of Duty, therefore, really ahead of us something truly worthy. All work on the project took place over three years, and all these three years over the layout of the game was a huge veil of secrecy. Only recently begun to appear preliminary announcements and reviews. Developing gaming universe for Titanfall, the whole team working on the project, decided to do something, it is not like all the other games. So be prepared for what awaits you at least a totally unique, previously-seen design. Since the project will be a multiplayer online game, it can be assumed that Titanfall registration is also required. At this point in the project, you can pre-order, so that after the game you could be among the first to test it, the long-awaited. Pleasant and the fact that now the site is adapted for English-speaking users, so deal with the essential requirements and assignments will not be difficult. According to the developers, in Titanfall play will be very interesting because it will implement new dynamic battles. The player will be available for several types of combat: As Pilot - quick and nimble, which, like Spiderman is able to move along the walls. As Titan - a powerful and equipped with the best of all possible armor, but at the same time remaining light and maneuverable. Play the game Titanfall will not just interesting, it will be exciting. Only Titanfall giant Titans can move around the battlefield with grace trembling deer (do not think bad, all in the game it will look organically and appropriate, no deer! ). Pilots also fighting in the first person. Many game critics have already prophesied a great future project unique, erase all visible and invisible boundaries between the virtual world and reality. This game combines the best qualities of traditional shooter games and single-player campaign. As you can see, this is the premier miss that you can not. Therefore, we recommend patience and prepare to enter the project at least in the test mode. While it is unknown whether it will be free to play Titanfall, however, believe even the presence of only the paid version does not stop gamers to configure test this game!
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