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Urban War - free browser game in the genre of mmorpg. A distinctive feature is not only the mass battles, but also recreate the atmosphere of the 90's, which recently has seen a virtual world. show a detailed description of Urban War Urban War - free browser game in the genre of mmorpg. A distinctive feature is not only the mass battles, but also recreate the atmosphere of the 90's, which recently has seen a virtual world. So fans of racketeering, protection racket and knocking out "green" is not just remain happy, but for a long time will not be able to break away from the game. At the heart of the game you can do anything, than live 90, but do not forget: to plunge into the world of lawlessness game Urban War registration is still necessary. There are two registration options. If you have an account on a social network, you can safely proceed to robbery and racketeering. Those who entered the game without going through the social networks, you have to absolutely simple registration in the Urban Wars Online. Once you have started the game, you have to choose one of two groups. Of course, the law of 90th is a legal one - "law enforcement agencies" engaged in illegal businesses are not quite legal. The second - "repeat offenders" that cause fear oligarchs and fat cats who have gained their wealth using unfair means. Wars begin in the city is very easy to play. Introduce a nickname, email, and immediately you can view your character. Character is nothing complicated, the distribution system is a standard experience. Therefore, the actual game TownWars not cause you trouble. His career you start with a simple test match, he is automatic, you only need to take the quest from the huckster (if you're playing for Tale), or at the Captain (if for law enforcement agencies), and immediately your character will rise to the second level, in the "Character "You can spend experience points honestly deserved. Urban Wars online game is not only light distribution system experience, but an interesting combat system. There are three types of battle: to come to the passer, to walk on business and group fights. 1) In this kind of a fight, artificial intelligence, he will pick up the enemy for all of your level. If you already have an eye on "simpleton", you can safely enter his user name and click the "Misfortune", but there is one condition for that you have to part with 10 bucks. 2) Clicking "Search", you will see all the businesses of competitors who had not managed to remove the rescue. Agree, you can not miss this chance, especially because you can get 30%of the revenue, but because urban warfare browser-based game based on the realities of the 90's, so any successful venture is likely someone already "roof." 3) Group fights - a fight of four or more people on each side. In order to start a fight, you must submit an application and make an initial contribution. The luckiest share "common fund" and in addition will receive Diamonds. If you want to have special qualities and play online urban warfare with little advantage over an opponent, you can visit the shops and boutiques, restaurants, shops and stores DIY. They can buy your equipment, or improve it, but you can buy blueprints and make your equipment yourself. Range of goods in retail outlets will vary as the characteristics and costs. No doubt you can play for hours in urban warfare, but without their business profits will not be large. Especially as a private business has become a symbol of the era of the dashing 90's. Once you have started the game at your disposal will be a small tent with hot dogs. To start your own business is just a click "Post Production". Over time, the tent will bring you a small income. To increase the production of income can be upgraded, or buy a new venture. Urban Wars game in which you should not relax. Since the end of production in your plant and prior to removal of revenue your business can be attacked, and you lose money, so do not forget to take time to revenue.
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