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Travian online - online strategy game where you have to make a tiny village at the metropolis, and in time it will be possible to create even a few cities show a detailed description of Travian online - online strategy game where you have to make a tiny village at the metropolis, and in time it will be possible to create even a few cities. The game will definitely liking lovers economic strategies. The main task will be to Travian online development of a powerful and invincible army, resource extraction, conducting diplomatic negotiations, and the entry into alliances that will open you more options in the game. You do not have to look for where you can download the client for Travian game, because it simply does not exist, because the game browser, you only need an internet connection. Since the game does not need to install, can be played even on the job and the chief did not even notice. Another advantage can be considered something that you can play Travian. Registration is required for Travian, which is better to pass on the official site, as you will be able to connect the official Travian server. Before you start to play Travian and build your empire, you must first decide on a race for which you will be playing. All three races in the game: Gauls (the army do great damage, a good bargain, but very little income from raids on other settlements. Very suitable for beginners), Romans (very good in defense, have the capacity to build two buildings at the same time, but they are very expensive and long training of soldiers and construction of buildings.) Germans (thrive on robberies, fast training troops and building, but very little protection, in general they are very difficult to play, are more suitable for experienced players). Now that you have decided on the choice of your race, the game Travian suggests that you first will organize defense. To better cope with this problem, look closely at the map and think, on what players can expect an attack. When you are done with the defense, it is time to resource extraction. If you are from the beginning wanted to play Travian through conquest and raids, then immediately after passing the training quests, forget about all the resources and mines. Makes a great slant on the development of the grain fields, since in order to maintain a strong army, it must not forget to feed them. Do not forget, not only to feed but also as much as possible to increase the number of soldiers, when it is making constant raids, even in the desert village. If you want to lead the union truce, the Travian online game in which to do this, enter into alliances that will open up new horizons for you in the game. To defend against enemy attacks will become much easier, as the alliance gives the opportunity to exchange resources and experiences. Travian Village - is the most important in the game. It was the first small village, which you have given at the beginning of the game, by your efforts to become a major metropolis, which will be known in all the neighboring towns and villages. In what ways will you achieve this, only you can decide the game is not defined, the linear direction, each player thinks for itself. Travian game and came out very interesting and entertaining. Game developers are not paid a little attention and create a convenient and easy interface. There is a main panel, which are necessary for the action icon. Compared to other online toys, graphics in the game Travian online rather primitive, but even without any pictures heaped game looks quite acceptable, and most importantly less slows the gameplay, which is especially important for owners of old computers. As in many other games, it is possible to purchase some items for real money, but without all the additions to the game, you can safely do
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