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Game Tribes: Ascend - is a multiplayer online first-person shooter genre in Sci-fi. show a detailed description of Game Tribes: Ascend - is a multiplayer online first-person shooter genre in Sci-fi. Game developer Hi-Rez Studios has created a kind of like a cocktail of the most popular games Quake 3, Unreal Tournament and Jetpack Joyride, taken almost in equal parts and after mixing received Tribes: Ascend online. However, this game has not materialized only new ideas and projects. She continued a series of games Tribes. The main difference throughout this series from other shooters is that each character moves through the air in the guise as the protagonist of the film "Iron Man." All movements are due jetpacks and rocket boots. And in the game you can fly with the speed of a hurricane. Such actions are consistent with the cards, because in Tribes: Ascend can play on the huge open spaces with very diverse topography. Maps here really ambitious and therefore speed and dizzying twists here. Another important feature of the game Tribes: Ascend has most shooting mechanics. Flying bullets lasts quite a long time. On this basis, in the shootings important great eye and experience in assessing the speed of the enemy. In the present part of the game Tribes unlike previous parts Tribes have limitations: • The number of weapons that can be equipped with fighter • availability of ballistic weapons like pistols and submachine guns, • tactical air strikes and perks. In the game Tribes: Ascend registration is also required, as in any other online game. To register, you must: Visit the official website of the game Tribes: Ascend https://account. hirezstudios. com / tribesascend / default. aspx? ok =. To click on the red button with the inscription «PLAY FOR RFEE». You'll be in the box of the registration form, which should: Enter your screen name. Enter a password for this coined site. Repeat this password. Enter the address of your current e-mail. Put the bird in the window, confirming this, that you are 13 or older. Now you have created your account and can play the game Tribes: Ascend. Going into the game you will see that there are three main classes, each with three subclasses. As a result, we have three light, three medium and three heavy fighters that different skills and weapons. Light infantry in turn are divided into time-snipers on saboteurs who have property to become invisible, and the Rangers having a tremendous start speed. The average class has universal soldiers, engineers with heavy machine guns and robbers - the men who specialize in defeating the protective structures. Heavy fighters are: Juggernaut - mortar ranged gunners and thugs - particularly dangerous in close combat and confined spaces. Now briefly acquainted with the game and checking in Tribes: Ascend free, you can safely test their strength in a unique online action shooter plenty to fly and shoot. Good luck to you!
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