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Retaliation game - it's browser based role-playing online game, in which anyone can become a trader-millionaire, industrialist, make prodigious fortune! show a detailed description of Retaliation game - it's browser based role-playing online game, in which anyone can become a trader-millionaire, industrialist, make prodigious fortune! Before playing the game Nemesis, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Retribution registration does not take much of your time and easy: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Choose the sex of the character; Give a name to your character; Choose your race (Orc, Undead, Elf, Human); Next, enter e-mail twice; Select a State; Select a fraction; Enter the password and repeat it twice; Choose clothes, hairstyle and start playing. Game Veng able to develop the skills of the strategist, who could lead the other people! Class system Vozmezdie game consists of eight branches (the way the shadows, melee, necromancy, blood magic, light magic, elemental magic, nature, demonology), and promotes the study of talents in various branches. Accordingly, the hero of the game Retribution online can study one branch or create a hybrid class, ie teach two branches. The higher the levels, the more talents. The social part of the online browser-based strategy Retribution expand the guild system to the authority, taxes, treasury. In Retribution play becomes terribly interesting, because you move through the adventure map in real time. The opportunity to play in the game Retribution limited only by the imagination, and the game world is constantly changing: the characters and monsters are alternately move around the map. Each character in the game world Retribution online has a number of characteristics that determine its ability to fight, or class abilities and talents. Character attributes can be divided into groups: the attackers, basic, protective and finally statistics. Outfit your character game Veng is very important and is the main way to increase the damage and characteristics. Miscellaneous allow the character to use special features and abilities. The actions of the characters in the game Retribution online depends entirely on the economy sectors and locks. The game world game Vozmezdie can respond to any action and does not get bored. The unique system of punishments and crimes can be playing on the right path and bring to justice the people who denied, or repair robbery. For violations within the game and dark deeds States may appoint a reward for the head of characters, which can get a friend to play the game Retaliation for killing intruders. Gameplay game Veng is truly unique, as are the results: dust of time (a special scoring system for certain actions) allows players to speed up or slow down over time, it allows you to instantly navigate, gather resources, build buildings. The stock dust filled to the level of maximum daily in the game Retribution. Accordingly, it is possible to react quickly and in just a couple of hours to play fully stocked dust, which is ideal for working people. It should be noted that for the fantasy RPG game Retribution online can spend the whole day and slowly carry out all the necessary actions. This will equalize relative to the players, to compensate for the time spent by others abilities. Play Vengeance will be for you an exciting venture, because you have the opportunity to develop their skill and resourcefulness, it includes lively and diverse world, the various factions and groupings that do not let you get bored!
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