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VirCities online - free browser based multiplayer game that simulates life in the big city. You will find yourself in a virtual space, which is to detail the existence of copies in the city, with all its consequences. show a detailed description of VirCities online - free browser based multiplayer game that simulates life in the big city. You will find yourself in a virtual space, which is to detail the existence of copies in the city, with all its consequences. Inhabitants have an active life. Out on the street, you immediately encounter with people of different social status and professions. You often have to interact with doctors, businessmen, ordinary workers, politicians and other representatives of different professions and activities. As a resident of the great city, and you choose a profession for themselves and evolve in one direction or another. It is in your best interest to the town prospered, so you should apply for this effort. Learn how to interact with other players, engage in joint implementation of useful things and to behave in different situations. If it is possible to desire to go into politics and to decide the fate of their city. But, more importantly, what would you do, starting to play VirCities, you will take its place in this huge city and you will feel quite comfortable even from the very first minutes of gameplay. New acquaintances, friendships, love the work and all kinds of entertainment - all that gives the game VirCities brings a lot of fun. You will make full user VirCities registration. So, you must do these actions: enter an alias to report e-mail address, create a password, and provide information such as user name, preferred city, a suitable nickname and avatar is the person who invited you. At the end of registration in a special field, enter the characters that appear in the image. After this will only accept the user agreement and you can safely press the button "Enter the city." Not only do you play VirCities free, so the project is also pleased with their loyalty over the system requirements. For the gameplay is enough computer at a medium, which is connected to the Internet. Well, since this was sorted out, it is time to begin to get used bustle of the city. You can be in one of these great cities as Moscow, London, New York, Beijing and Tokyo. But whatever you choose, the serenity can not dream of. This is not some backwater where life is like standing water. In these metropolitan life rages, spur to the daily challenges. So willy nilly're active. First have to settle in a dedicated room in a hostel. Of course, over time, be able to obtain and more comfortable home. The main thing - to find a job and doing things you love, to make money. You will need money for many things, including the need for the existence and food. Do not handle all at once. Incidentally, overwork is bad, because your body is required by the provisions of hours of sleep and it is better not to risk health for the sake of illusory wealth. For a start, do a few simple tasks assigned to the example of. You can then think about the career growth. By the way, do not always have rotten on someone. After all, in the game world everyone can achieve what will eventually own business. You join the ranks of those who already have private manufacturing enterprises, laboratories for research, department for processing resources and other useful objects. How is this possible? Everything is quite clear. Collect money, buy a license and go ahead - your finest hour came, and now you are working for yourself! But VirCities play - it does not mean endless work. There is a time for fun. You will be able to take part in the fighting, which are conducted with the bot and occur between players. There is a battle, though, in automatic mode, but it's a good way to unwind, escape from everyday problems. To be successful in fighting tirelessly Suck parameters of the hero, as well as learn how to pick up a weapon. It is necessary to mention the turbulent political life. Each month a vote and the population elects measure. Also as a result of the voting shall be appointed and advisers. Each person has the right to run and once they are lucky to be Merom, will be able to offer their own laws on the discussion board, which is likely to be approved. If the policy you are interested, do not be afraid to try! We can only wish you good luck and good impressions!
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