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Tribal Wars online - browser game, Koya takes you into the Middle Ages. The ability to play Tribal Wars including on the office PC show a detailed description of Tribal Wars online - browser game, Koya takes you into the Middle Ages. The ability to play Tribal Wars including on the office PC, because the minimum system requirements for a computer required for game play: the operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista / Seven Processor Intel Pentium III 800 MHz RAM 256 Mb and videlkarta 64 MB with support for directx. Tribal Wars Online registration does not require some extra racing programs and too simple. Registration required to enter the tribal war nickname - the specific name of the game, a unique password and the address of the e-mail. You can register at any of the 18 game worlds, but, examining the distinctive features of Tribal Wars Online registration experienced players recommend regitsya in the known world only in the case when you are trying to master the extraordinarily painstaking game. Overtake neighbors to develop you have all the same does not work, and the small village will not attract large empire. Then you have the opportunity to play in a brand new world out there and be a sovereign king. Account in one of the worlds valid in all other worlds, although in each world you can not have more than one account. Online game Tribal Wars comes from the fact that you are given a tiny village, which must first somehow plausible name (the name may change in the Town Hall) and developed. In order to achieve the desired result you need resources for development: - The sawmill produces hardwood, - Clay quarry produces clay - Mine - alloy. Higher than the level of the house, the more resources it produces. Because in the first few days you will need to mine resources. So that greedy neighbors failed to steal the fruits of your labor, resources may hide in the cache, capacity of which is dependent on its value. In addition near the village may erect an impenetrable wall. When will enable game Tribal Wars online, you must immediately create troops. And after that, you are given the opportunity to start robbing small or abandoned villages, thus increasing the reserves of its own resources and accelerating development. Since you're not yet in a position to defend themselves, and your neighbor is definitely ready to go to war, it is possible to try to write him a diplomatic message. When you're a little bit stronger, perhaps begin to seek out like-minded allies, together with whom you will develop your tribe to defend and attack. Tribal Wars online game allows attractive graphical overview own village, and the owners of premium account, in addition to the common disk imaging can get to the same auxiliary, for example, the time in which the warehouse is full. Once you start playing the game Tribal Wars online, you will be given a choice of 13 types of troops, each of these units has its own purpose. For example, a scout can scout out what's going on at the neighbor, and how much of its resources, and with nobility may capture other villages completely, adding them to their own possessions. All remaining fighters among others have their own special skills to be properly analyzed before starting to fight. Play online game Tribal Wars - this is a great chance to become the leader of his own tribe, or just his elder, who has the right to take on new members of the tribe, also wrote letters players own tribe and conduct diplomatic affairs with neighbors. In order to play online game Tribal Wars, we must not forget that it is still a team game, in consequence, to choose a tribe to taste is very important. If you will not take or you may not like a tribe, probably to make his tribe. With the success of tribal war game may vigorously engaged in trade - take mercenary offers neighbors and put on the market excesses of its own resources. This feature allows you to send the same resource support his own friend or share resources between their own villages. In Tribal Wars game - it is a chance of the original owner is not very big village be ruler of the world!
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