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You probably know about the series of games from, so here, the game War of Thrones - is one of the representatives of the series. Game genre - a strategy. show a detailed description of You probably know about the series of games from the mail. ru, and so, the War Game of Thrones - is one of the representatives of the series. Game genre - a strategy. This game is based on fantasy and science fiction, good combination, is not it? The developers call their creation "dark fantasy." To be successful in this game, do not need to be a rocket scientist. Even if until now you had to play in the strategy, then do not worry about his lack of experience - in the War of Thrones online you will fall into the hands of Lord Oberon, who surely knows what to do to get the cool of you are the leader, the ruler of the world! Of course, your main task in this game will win. You have to fight for the victory with many opponents to achieve as a result of power over land Shtormfolla. Be ready to give all the best to fill up to create a really strong and powerful empire. Your lands and possessions can attack enemies, so you'll have to regularly improve and strengthen the defense. In the game there are a few basic resources that you need to win. Meat. Gold. Steel. For sure you will not be news that the War of Thrones registration is required to start the game. However, if the mailbox in this system as long as you do not, then you will have to acquire them. Do not have to go far, it can be done directly on the site. If the e-mail mail. ru, mail. ua, list. ru, inbox. ru ilibk. ru you have already registered, you can start to play a little faster. To begin the registration process, you will need to follow the link to "Play", which can be found in the very center of the page. In front of you you will see a form for registration, after which you will be able to fill begin playing the game War of Thrones. Top of the form, in the field, which is called the "Nickname", you need to register the name of Buda your character, your login is the name that you will know the system. In the next field, you will need to provide your address, if you already have, or think of it and to register on the portal. Choose a domain name and affiliation, and pass on the link "Register". So, you kill two birds with one stone: forged new mail and get access to the game. In the next field to be entered either already registered or the new password to log into the system (and in the box, respectively). Completing and verifying the correctness of all the fields. Click "Register" and fill in the War of Thrones for free you will be able to soon. This game strikes by its quality, as well as, in principle, all the offspring mail. ru. Excellent graphics and immersive storyline, unique gameplay - is not that all gamers are looking for new online games? In the War of Thrones, you can play a long time and with admiration, the game has a few ratings Aggressors - those who destroyed the most enemy units. Defenders - who destroyed enemy units with a maximum of defense. The robbers invading the maximum resources. Invaders - conquered most locks.
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