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Game War of the Vikings certainly will immerse you into the world of medieval battles. show a detailed description of Game War of the Vikings certainly will immerse you into the world of medieval battles. Development of the game belongs to the creators of the famous game War of the Roses. In the online game War of the Vikings registration gets underway in just a couple of seconds. You'll need to enter your email address, as well as username and password in the game War of the Vikings. Before you play the game War of the Vikings you will necessarily be give preference to one of the parties who are hostile to: 1) The most courageous true Vikings invaders; 2) manly class Saxons who have no similarity in defense. In addition, each class has its own classification: 1) The representative of the middle class warrior, armor has average and also is carrying a sword, shield and ax throwing; 2) The representative of the heavy class Huscarl, whose forte is defense, in which the enemy has a powerful damage after a two-handed attack is applied ax; 3) A representative of the light class Scout - a true fighter in applying ax and hand-fight against the enemies using archery. In the browser game War of the Vikings play you have the opportunity to steadily ability to develop your character. Look forward to a historical period IX-X centuries. absolute and combat system. Used as weapons in the melee, and at special attacks, causing significant damage. The game War of the Vikings online battles can participate up to 64 players. The game has a couple of modes. 1) The first mode - feature, which is the main arena mode. Here the player who fell can attack an additional opponent. This mode allows you to revitalize your team members. 2) In the game mode TDM player also can recover, but it will clearly be affect the amount of points earned. Now the technical requirements for the game are: Dual Core processor 2. 4 Ghz; volume RAM 4 Gb; Internet availability 100 Mbit / s. However, in the future they may change. The game itself is unique is this: first, enough experience in battle aggressive, and secondly, as you determine the style of play and his Viking. Your Viking makes your personal archetype with stable profiles and deep settings. Here elect on the side of the Saxons or Vikings you will, and what kind of image will generate further. The main features of the game are: 1. historical process inspiration Games 2. selection of the appropriate class 3. improvement of his style of play with using deep combat system. Claim victory you can, learning, reviewing, blocking and dodging, as well as through a wide range of special techniques. Register with the extraordinary and amazing historical Game Medieval War of the Vikings for free, inviting fellow reaches goals and enjoy the game together. Wish good luck in online game War of the Vikings!!
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