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In just a few hours of play in War Thunder detail you start to realize why the pilots are so much in love looking at the sky. show a detailed description of In just a few hours of play in War Thunder detail you start to realize why the pilots are so much in love looking at the sky. Before you open up a fresh world of which we are so not a little old lady repeated and grandfather, after all, you are completely and totally can experience it for yourself, it will give you the online game War Thunder. Join in the online game War Thunder goes like this: you need to get on the website warthunder. ru, you'll get a War Thunder game, Which will you find it hard to look away. Although before you start, still requires War Thunder registration. And so, you're on the website, raising his eyes up and you'll see a way for these units will be located: search, log, log, support, subscription and language. First and foremost, make sure that you fit the Russian language, which will be issued automatically, if not, click and change to the optimum. And so begin the registration exercise in the game War Thunder. Click to register before you vyskachet window named "New Account" if you have an account on facebook or gmail, it's a little easier for you to implement all of these will be broadcast from the source that you have chosen, and so in case you were not registered, then have already begun: In one line, called name of the game, you have to enter your real name or a nickname, to whom you will use during the game in War Thunder. Second line of Email, you must cite your own email. Enter the code, this is a curious part of the registration, then you have to verify keen eyesight and strong nerves, because, before you become a set of letters and distort tsyfry that you need to parse and write personally, good luck) Next, you will need to agree with the criteria for the user agreement, this necessary part of the registration before playing the game War Thunder Online - Design your bird acceptance opposite conditions. Similarly, you have the option to subscribe to news from our website, which will come to you in the mail and you will be informed of all the latest and the new one that is on our website. Join the game War Thunder - successfully executed, press down on the "free to play" and in front of the world, where you wait for incredible historical events, and memorable adventures. War Thunder fall in love with instantly, just a few days you show up mad enthusiasm for the situation, aircraft and weapons. To all this regard you need to start playing War Thunder. The first thing to play in War Thunder, you need to learn to be sharp and abolish the right of the plane, similar to the strategy weightless combat and maneuvers. Oposlya how you flit and efficiently destroy all around, you will have the opportunity to take the fate of the real army battle between with 2 states. It takes the fate of two teams, planes which have a chance to be under various flags. When the case involves five nations (the Soviet Union, Germany, the United States, England, and Japan), the battles taking place on the map, and every participant should War Thunder warplanes may take a little aircraft. Will certainly try to play online browser-fun War Thunder, I guarantee it will not disappoint you!
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