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Game World of Mercenaries - realistic shooter enjoys crazy popular due impeccable chart show a detailed description of Game World of Mercenaries - realistic shooter enjoys crazy popular due impeccable graphics. The game is designed for gamers of all ages, occupation and interests play no role. The exact date of when this project will be released - unknown to anyone, true creators of the project and the management try to keep the public informed. Currently we know that pretty soon will start closed beta testing, to which you can sign up right now. Anyone who wishes to participate in the beta, and can now take place. Creators promised that World of Mercenaries online provide custom online shooter for many users, but something special. The project created the best European designers, which is why the game is likely to FPS online game. The project is based on the Unreal Engine 3. The most anticipated game is bound to have at its disposal all the favorite features, for example, has the ability to pump the characters constantly on the taste improved weapons according to their needs, and it's all free. Since the game online, it is logical to assume that the World of Mercenaries require registration, in principle as well as in many other projects. The truth is too early to talk about any recommendations on registration. It should be noted that the game is not Russian interface. It turns out that participants are not familiar with the English language, there are 2 outputs: the first - to tighten their knowledge, the second - to acquire knowledge. In truth, the game understandable and accessible management. Can say that after the beta testing of potential players will be able to download the file to install the game Steam. We can not say for sure would be possible to play World of Mercenaries for free, but even if the paid version of the project, you can be sure that prices will be acceptable and appropriate, will be absolutely justified. From the very start of the game you turn around in a mercenary, performing different kinds of tasks. A distinctive feature of this game has the ability to customize the personal qualities of the character, his appearance, as well as weapons. You can create it independently and autonomously, then play the game World of Mercenaries mighty hero world. Classification of characters represented by nine classes, we learn about them later. Now we can talk about the wonderful arsenal of weapons, which by then will be improved in the future contribute to the fact that you will become invincible. The existing shop everyone can buy things that will help in the battle to achieve success. At the core of the gameplay are collective battle. A huge number of collective missions, as well as group fights is waiting for you. In World of Mercenaries play very interesting, in particular through superbly executed graphics. You will notice the quality of the flames devouring the city, infrared sighting rays, and a large number of other little things that in other games before you do not pay any attention!
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