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If you like the series "Secret City" Vadim Panov, then you have a chance to experience the atmosphere of his books. show a detailed description of If you like the series "Secret City" Vadim Panov, then you have a chance to experience the atmosphere of his books. Back in 2008, the company Gaijin Entertainmen and "1C" published a browser-based online game Secret City in the genre of MMORPG. However, the game will attract all lovers of fantasy, because there are present all the classic characters of this genre: mages, werewolves, knights and many others. Play Secret City, then to see Moscow and quite another to take part in the confrontation of the Great Houses: Nav (Dark yard), human beings (Green House) and Chud (The Order). But before you start the game, then check whether your computer so the system requirements: • CPU capacity of at least 2 GHz; • RAM is 1 GB; • 128 MB video card. Secret City registration is not difficult, you just have to go on the main page of the game and choose: image of the character (Chud, people, human beings, or Nav) and its floor, enter your e-mail, to come up with a nickname for a character password (must be entered twice ) and press "Play." There is another option - download The Secret City on a computer that does not depend on the connection to the internet. The game confront each other three Great Houses, representatives of which were once powerful magical civilizations, so the character should pick yourself very carefully, weighing all the pros and cons. Be prepared for intrigue and interesting plot twists. Great Houses of the fight for power among themselves, while hiding from chelov, that is, people who outnumber them. In the Secret City to play, traveling dungeons, hunting various monsters, battling with rivals in different modes and going through quests. At the beginning of the game you can choose a specialization and skill, you are sure to come in handy. Secret City game allows characters to experience the pump, rating, force, level, or victory. Character level demonstrates a chance to win game and non-game characters, which makes it possible to gain more experience, money and, most importantly, increase the ranking in the community of one of the houses. To successfully raise the rating, monitor health, agility, skill, strength, anger, Honor points of his character. The experience you will get for performing a variety of tasks, as well as for participating in battles. Play a game of Secret City can be with friends, and to make it interesting - create your own clan. If you do not like the company - Earn rating alone. Do not forget to visit the game store that sells many useful things: equipment for your character, weapons, food for a quick refreshment, jewelry and more. By the way the store can be transferred from any location, which is very convenient. For other movements, it is best to use the Card. Battles in the game are of four types, namely the duel, group, Fight Club and chaotic. Secret City Online game shows what a real struggle for survival. Sign up, earn experience and increase ratings, participate in quests and win!
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