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Yitien online - free browser MMORPG fantastic style on Chinese subjects. show a detailed description of Yitien online - free browser MMORPG fantastic style on Chinese subjects. Project of R2Games filled with adventure, in which the head is dipped every newcomer user. Do you have an exciting journey through the world of the Yuan Dynasty. Before you can unlock the secrets contained in the two ancient kung fu scrolls have done the hard way. Class development and improvement of all possible skills, and concern about quality weapons and equipment involved in exciting turn-based battles and memorable PVP competitions, casino table games, the possibility of joining the clan - all this and much more will discover anyone who decides to play the game Yitien . 2. 5-D graphics, cool sound effects and well thought-out plot will give you a lot of fun. Come on! At the time of doing nothing will! To get into the world of adventure does not have to have a cool computer. Gameplay is functioning perfectly, and the average parameters of the PC. Internet and modern browser - that's all you need. The door into the unknown virtual reality will Yitien registration. Filling in a few lines, you especially do not work too hard. Join in a game Yitien want the user to provide information such as user name, ie username, which can be the same email address and secret password for subsequent input into the project. As soon as you enter the data, it automatically saves and you will get the opportunity to spend a fun and rich hours of their leisure time. Having started playing Yitien, you will find many interesting places, waiting for your research. Remember, in which corner you would not go, you will find a huge number of quests. Your path will be repeatedly blocking a variety of characters. And will have to fight with the pirates, and the adherents of different sects, and with all sorts of villains and other dangerous mobs. Do not sit on the spot, having studied all these vile creatures and discover the secrets of the scrolls! Yitien play in one of three classes. The choice between the owners of a solid defense - the soldiers. Besides their good health. Second Grade - swordsman, which boasts incredible offensive abilities. A third class - is a healer, for which no trouble to help the victims comrades, and heal yourself if necessary. Yes, all classes of its own characteristics, but whatever you choose, it is necessary to pump the following parameters: accuracy, attack, defense, critical strike chance, dodge and block. Over time, your playing level increases. This is due to the accumulation of experience. He earned during the quest. Gradually, you will open more and more new features. For example, you get a sled and pets, upgrade weapons, get access to new types of equipment. When you feel the mission - it's too easy for you, go to the battle arena and try it its force. Do you want fame? So do not be afraid to challenge other players! Even if your opponent is a master of a certain sect of Kung Fu, there is a real chance to win it and earn a medal or a hero, or Meridian Orb Synth. By the way, if you want, you can attach real and accelerate the development process. Using meridians significantly improves the attributes of a hero. However, the game does not like Yitien extortion, so leave the matter to your discretion. Yitien online game is ready to give gamers and other nice moments. So if you wish you can invite friends and had a good chat with them. You can present a gift to your friends. By the way, you will make someone do something nice, if actively communicating with friends. So do not pull on time and join the fun gaming community! Rate yourself all the pros and cons of the game! We hope you will be satisfied! We can only wish you luck to become your constant companion!
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