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The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments.It is widely represented in the real world.Well it is presented, and the Internet.You may want to find a guitar lessons and computer games related to playing the guitar.The choice is huge.There are many sites wanting.On Web sites devoted to the guitar playing, you can find a completely different materials.It has articles on this musical instrument.How to choose how to use it, how to make the right decision.Numerous tutorials will help you understand the guitar itself.They are designed for practicing without a teacher, and are made in the form of articles or programs.Difficulty may be quite different.Sections are devoted to the guitar chords for popular chords.They talk about the bust, fighting techniques, and other useful things.You can quickly learn how to play popular songs.Special sections are devoted to setting up the guitar.They can describe, and acoustic and electric guitar.Notes section contains notes of different melodies and songs that can be played on guitar.There are sections devoted to a simplified notation.And share video tutorials.Which are very popular.There is a special section for beginners who speak of such simple but fundamental things like planting a guitarist and a simple fight.They can be in the form of articles, or video lessons.These sites can be designed for guitar players of different skill levels.They are relatively small, and can be huge and contain almost everything that can be associated with the concept - a guitar online.Naturally, such a popular instrument, could not be left at the side of the manufacturers of computer games.They created a significant number of games anyway on guitar.It could be playing different genres, where an episode is associated with the guitar.There may be a game to learn to play the guitar playing method.A game can simulate the game on this musical instrument.In some games you can dial interesting melody, and, subsequently it will be possible to listen to.Typically, the choice is huge.There are other games dedicated to guitars.They can be found on various gaming sites and portals.Their names may be different, but, as a rule, the title includes the word guitar.As a result, whichever you are not interested, you do not care, as a result, will have to download the game guitar.And for sure the name is not so important.The main internal content of the game.How it will be like and how interesting.