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Tetris - one of the most famous games in the world.It came out in 1984, but, despite the more than twenty-seven story has not lost its popularity.Created its Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov.In all the major gaming portals can play Tetris for free.There is simply no such sites where there was not this game.Without it, any feature set is not complete.Play Tetris for free and quite possibly the home.Many of them have to be embedded Tetris games.But wishing to play on the Internet may well play Tetris online for free.Tetris game play allows everyone from young to old.From preschoolers to eleventh-graders and growns.All they can install it on a home computer, mobile device, or play Tetris online.It must be said that fans of games online tetris appreciated long ago.It is easily implemented using flash technology.It can be played in a browser window.Many cult computer game: Tetris, the beads were created in Russia.It was only later they internationalize and spread around the world.Programmer Alexey Pajitnov at the Computing Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, when he invented Tetris.First, it was played on the Soviet computer Electronics-60, and subsequently, it was ported to all kinds of computers.A huge number of special prefixes to play Tetris.Years have passed, but the game has not lost its popularity.For fans to play for free, Tetris is good that is present on many game sites.Among them, we can always find one where you can play Tetris online for free.Usually on gaming sites do not require registration.You can simply go to the site and start playing the game Tetris.That game, because aside from the core, the well-known version of this popular game, there are others.Some of them are not very different from the original version, but the games pretty original.For example, in one of them, the screen runs a small person to avoid falling from above figures.He can get in on these blocks, but his main goal to escape from this horror.There are games where built of blocks of the whole building.There are other, very original versions.They can not even be mentioned.So great popularity of the game.And so a large number of imitators it spawned.It is played all over the world.It is present not only on computers but also on mobile devices.There is no man who would not be familiar with this outstanding game.Despite his more than twenty-seven age, it is popular today