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Here we bring you exciting games about animals for girls.There are beautiful ponies, dogs, cats and many other animals.

Quite often, children are not allowed to have a pet for yourself.But most kids dream about, to enjoy spending free time with dogs or cats, this is, among other things, allows you to feel like a real mistress or master.As long as you have not been able to convince the stubborn dad and mom to have a puppy or a kitten, you can enjoy and play games about animals, which on our site just a huge number!Maybe watching yourself as you are caring for a virtual four-legged friend, the parents finally realize that you are also willing to take care of and a real beast!Game animal care will make you feel truly caring host who cares about their pet.It is necessary not only to water and feed on time, but take a walk, while not forgetting that animals love affection and attention.Make the dog wagged her tail happily, threw her a ball or a stick to make it more and run.To cat purred, scratched her ear.Games for girls with animals will be shown on a scale in the game that will show how much your pet happy.Also, some online games about animals will show that I want the little animals at the moment.If you can fulfill that desire, you agree to increase the level of happiness and get bonuses to go to the next level.In addition, the game about animals for girls will allow you to choose a pet for any reason.Games for girls about animals can not only play with them, but also to dress up, comb and fed.You can also choose to build and interior for the animal, and because they love comfort and beauty.Very popular are playing cat, where the main characters are cute kitties.Some of these games you will be able to choose not only the usual pets, but also some fabulous characters or forest.You can also organize the work of the animal shelter, take part in the race to save rare wildlife, to take custody of a monkey, be a veterinarian or a game of volleyball with the bears.Additionally, you can paint or draw animals.In any case, these games related to animals, will help you to really feel responsible for those who so need our care.We remind you that all the games on our site are absolutely free, and thanks to flash technology, does not require installation on your computer.