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Since ancient times, mankind has envied the birds.Probably only the Neanderthals did not think about the flight, as they thought most were busy thinking about where to find food.The desire to fly is growing with the development of mankind, and soon people began to create home-made wings, which, however, often bring their inventors in trouble.As was mentioned in a popular Soviet film - "a barrel of porozom inventor, let fly!".Only close to the beginning of the XX century aspirations and dreams to fly come true.That's when the first planes were invented, and soon aircraft quickly rallied around a huge number of enthusiasts.Millions of people dream of becoming a pilot.A little later, more people began to dream of becoming astronauts.Unfortunately, not all dreams come true, because to become professionals in the management of complex aircraft are not easy to get.But today the boys can try yourself as a pilot is in a very early age.Were created for this game Flying, which quickly gained immense popularity.In them, you can not just fly on an airplane, but a helicopter, space rocket, airplane, balloon, and even flying saucers from the future!We can fly to the moon or Mars, or Jupiter, or even outside of our solar system!You can fly to other galaxies, meet there characters from popular TV series such as "Star Wars" or "Star Trek."Of course, not necessarily to fly so far, and the game will allow you to Fly online fly within the Earth and deliver passengers from point "A" to point "B".But for the most popular are the adventures of a plane, where you have to fly or shoot the enemies.Also popular war game where you act as a military pilot and do a mission related to the destruction and capture of the enemy.Play Fly online on our website is absolutely free.These games will make you feel high, gravity and more responsibility.Among other things, popular game Flying in airplanes, where it is to come first to the finish line.This kind of racing aircraft.In the real world, such events do not often see.Many simulators associated with the aircraft as close to reality, and so you will understand how it is to be a real pilot who run this plane!